Friday 5 July 2013


These have been sitting in my camera since the beginning of June so I thought it was time I posted them. The remains of the winter pansies in the hanging baskets flowering more beautifully than they have all winter of course.

I have to post the Laburnum, as always it has been spectacular.

A few pots along the edge of the drive. The hostas were grown from seed from my Dad's garden.

Cornus Kousa Chinensis putting on a good display

It was worth re planting the Iris as they flowered well and joined with the Oriental Poppies in adding to the interest.

A collection of doorstep pots and plants. Sadly work on the house meant the Wisteria was pruned hard back and never recovered but a new Wisteria plant was added and is showing a bit of growth.

Clematis Elsa Spath growing up the corner of the house has been very luxuriant with flowers this year.

I can't have too much of the Laburnum especially as i miss the Wisteria so much the Aconites and Delphinium flowering. This Delphinium is nearly hidden in the laburnum tree. Next year I must remember to dig it up and see if it will split and re plant away from the tree.

Difficult to see but in the urn are some dwarf Snapdragons that flowered all winter and are still in flower as I write this, most definitely a plant to look out for. Unfortunately I haven't managed to get the seeds to germinate but will try again.

The trough is not doing so well this year - unfortunately we are having to keep a car on the drive but hopefully not for much longer - I hate cars in gardens looks so naff, not inverted snobbery just I like gardens for plants - the more the merrier in case you hadn't noticed.

Well that was a good start to my garden blogging for this year the hanging baskets on the gate posts have already got off to a good start pity about BT*. One day I will sort out some photo editing but all so much to do and available time diminishes as you get older.


  1. Hello! I really like your garden, so much life and care, it´s really beautiful! besos. Lilián.-

  2. :)
    kind regards