Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Across from where we live is a small copse, at the entrance is a lovely Oak tree which was planted in Remembrance of the men who died in the Ist World War. The tree doesn't seem as if it could be 90 years old but that is what the plaque says.

This copse has only developed since the second World War, at that time it was open ground. There is still a concrete slab amongst the undergrowth that I am told was used for a gun mounting. The gun would have been used for protecting the railway route nearbye into London.

Hard to imagine that history when walking through these trees.

Across a road from the copse and down the track into the Wild Woods as my daughters used to call it when they were small.

This area was a lake and I have seen old photos showing a boat house and boat moored at the far side.
I suspect the building of the housing estate that borders this wood would have diverted drainage thus causing the area to dry up.

Beth leads the way.

You can hear her saying why are you lagging behind as I stop to take photos.

The Holly trees are full of berries at present so plenty of food for the birds.

This wood hasn't been managed for many years it was once coppiced.

There are many fallen and damaged trees which is sad but adds to the character of the place.

Beyond this fallen tree was and old track way which has become so overgrown.

A slightly better view with the field on the right and another behind the trees on the left leaving the track in a dip. It is some time since I tried walking along it and the far end is not penetrable which is such a shame. It could be opened up to the road and would make such a lovely walk.

This is much further over in the woods by the railway line.

You have to love these roots and with feet like that the head in the sky is hardly a surprise.

Looking back is the boundary into the fields and from that point views across to Clandon House.

I have spent half the afternoon playing with Picasa trying to load slightly larger photos by URL but without success. I so admire the slightly larger size seen on many other blogs. So guess I need to try again one winters day. However I am pleased that I was able to take all the photos using Manual setting so at least I am beginning to learn something with my camera.