Tuesday, 17 November 2009


I am so behind with posting and catching up on other blogs but I decided to post a few photos of the garden last week. Of course this was a cheat bought from the local street market but a welcome sight by the front door.

These hardy Fuschia come into their own at this time of year all grown from cuttings from a friends garden in Newquay.

Nicola's Blush Hebe a cutting from a neighbours bush it is a very worth while Hebe to grow. All the Hebes I have tried have taken well from cuttings.

Winter Jasmine already putting on a good show.

In the back garden Fairy Rose again taken successfully from cuttings.

I finally removed the Dahlias last week and I was pleased that the ground elder was not as bad as I had expected. Pity I didn't sweep up after myself but nice to see soil without ground elder here.

Whilst I dug, these little beauties smiled down on me. Vitecella Vernosa Violecea quite dainty clematis but so worth growing where you can enjoy their lovely faces.

One last bloom of Edward Elgar. Sadly the perfume is lost in the cooler weather.

I even had a tidy up along this wall which is something I rarely get round to doing. The ferns are still looking nice.

Hermosa has bloomed since May so well worth growing although the stems can be a little weak.

I was so pleased to see so many flowers on the Arbutus Uneo because I lost one plant and this it's replacement looked as if I might lose as well earlier in the year.

The leeks are doing well and ready to eat.

What a different view at this time of year. I replaced many of the Lavender on one side of the garden and have pruned very hard back with others. If the pruned ones do not survive because I don't think Lavender enjoys such hard pruning, I have got several cuttings in pots which can be used to replace them.
As you can see I have had fun loading larger photos and putting my name on them. As if anyone would be interested in pinching them Hah! I think I was like a child with a paint box and made the names too colourful. Must follow Tatyana's advice and choose more discrete colours.
The reason I have not blogged so much recently is because there has been lots to read and e mails to send regarding my other interest. Yes you guessed following developments with Lyme Disease. The news about XMRV retrovirus is also fascinating to read. Many people with ME/CFS diagnosis are found to have Lyme and there are so many parallels with the two illnesses and the politics that surrounds them.
So rather than compromise this blog I started another one Looking at Lyme there is a link on my side bar. I will use this new blog to post anything that catches my eye, of which there is so much. It will also make a suitable place for me to retrieve information quickly.
I am more than happy if anyone chooses to visit and by all means add your comments.


  1. My goodness, you have been busy. Your garden is still lovely with the flowers. I love the bright spot of color that Cyclamen provides next to the front door.

  2. Yay Joanne..you're back I missed you blog posts! First of all..awesome photos..great eye candy! I adore thoses Fairy roses..they look so stunningly sweet!And wow.. those leeks look divine..yum!!Lucky! I am a lavender fanatic..I enjoy reading about anything lavender! And also thats great you have been busy with your other interests and all the new research! Fantastic! Great seeing a post..have a great day!

  3. Hardy fuschia, hebe, jasmine -- torture us winterized Ontarians, why don't you! But I can grow and have grown C. 'Venosa Violacea', which is one of my favourites. Love the view through your arbour.

  4. Those leeks look rather splendid Joanne. Can I come round for some soup ? Good luck with the new blog!

  5. Joanne, it looks so nice there! There's something about getting things cleaned up that brings out a whole new side to the garden. I kind of like seeing some dirt again this time of year (although once spring is here I don't want to see it anymore). You've got some very pretty flowers in bloom. I've added that Clematis to my list. I didn't know I could take and grow cuttings of my fuchsia. One of mine looks very similar to yours.

  6. I love your brick path. You have beautiful gardens! I especially like your clematis.

    I am glad they are learning new things about lyme disese.

  7. It is so wonderful to see flowers again. Ours are sleeping now for the winter. Lovely photography.

  8. Your gardens still look good and you still have some beautiful blooms. I love the pot by your door. Your photos look real good and so does the name. What photo editor did you use?

  9. Awesome photos here, Joanne. Beautiful garden too. Have a wonderful day!

  10. How lovely to see flowers still blooming outside! Here it is so ready for winter but no snow and with temperature of +17 today no chance of snow.

  11. Joanne, your garden is still looking so beautful. It is nice to see the structure of it this time of year, your beautiful box hedges and the paths.

  12. Joanne,
    I so much enjoyed seeing the pics of your garden, up close and personal.
    I am still fiddling around with my blog and I can't for the life of me figure out how to fit it all like you have. Did you edit your html? What template are you using? Thanks for your advice, it is much appreciated!

  13. Your garden is still so lovely, plenty of interesting plants. I'm so impressed that many of them were grown from cuttings. Well done!

  14. Hi Joanne! I love all the fragrant plants you still have blooming. Lovely photos and I particularly love the Fuchsia and the leeks spilling over the boxwood hedge. I do so love your sapling arbor and your serpentine path taking us further into your world. I will have to check out your other blog. Thanks again for tagging me and I will get to responding soon. Speaking of busy busy... I am up to my nose! Carol

  15. I love to see your garden Joanne. It looks beautiful.

    Love those ferns too.

    That fuchsia looks like Ricartonii.

  16. Joanne, I love the last photo of the path through the arbor...I want to walk through, then stop and visit the plantings on each side....I have been off line for 5 days and feel like I will never catch up! gail

  17. It looks great!!!!! I can't believe the clematis is still blooming! you still have a lot of greenery to enjoy!

  18. Everything still looks so lovely! Roses in November - I wish we had that here.

  19. Love your gardens. I feel like taking a longer stroll.


  20. love love love your cottage garden - thanks for the update

  21. Hi Thanks for all the comments. Nice of you all to visit but particularly aCorner garden and Gardening in a Sandbox stopping by for your first comment.
    Like many of you I am strugglibg to keep up with blogs at present but hopefully during the winter months will catch up.

    One or two I replied direct but to answer Rosy I use Minima stretch and do change HTML slightly although just read on another blog that Blogger does not like us to tinker with HTML.

  22. Hi Joanne,
    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog and also for answering my question about the blogger layout. I appreciated your help.

  23. Hi Joanne, I have an award for you on my blog, I hope you will accept it.But will understand if you don't do awards and things. M x

  24. Joanne, You might want to look at this link, right now. Someone has lifted your post, pictures and all, and is claiming it as their own!


    How they have the nerve to do it, I don't know, but you probably want to tell them to cease and desist. This link came from another blogger, and the same thing had happened to them.

  25. Just looked on Blogger to find out how you can report this, and they have a copyright infringement form posted here:


    Good luck!

  26. Helen

    Many thanks I will have a look I have been away and busy with all things Lyme Perhaps I will suggest if she wants to steal a post she could concentrate on the Lyme information and perhaps save some poor person from a life of misery.

  27. Joanne, I'm loving your photos. Wonderful. I also read with interest your story about Lyme Disease. What an awful ordeal you went thru. Is that your house in the back ground of the bottom photo? Very pretty. Very English. I bet that made you laugh, but you know how much of an Anglophile I am. :) Thanks for coming by my blog.~~Dee

  28. Hi Dee Many thanks for your comments. I am always pleased when people read my Lyme story, I feel that's just one more person and their family that is then more aware of the problems surrounding diagnosis and treatment of this illness.Sadly in genmeral Doctors are letting us down because they are misled by our Health departments putting all their trust in the IDSA guidelines.
    I was lucky many are not so lucky so knowledge is power.

    I am pleased you liked the 'English House' yes it made me laugh I try to pretend it is a cottage. Built as a farm Labourers home in 1900 it is more cottage like than house especially compared with most others, even with the extensions it has had over the years.