Sunday 8 November 2009


I have many things to thank my blogging friends for.

Karen An Artist's Garden for introducing me to blotanical.

Many of you for hint's on photography and advice on copy and pasting links.

Now I would like to thank Tatyana of My Secret Garden for her interesting and useful post on Make it tougher for thieves. I have figured out how to put my name on photos, I used my Canon Digital Photo Professional thanks also to Daughter Rebecca's help recently. I will be playing around to fine tune one wet winter's day.

Last but by no means least thanks to Catherine from A Gardener in Progress for her useful advice on posting larger pictures. I have long enjoyed and admired her lovely photos.

So my first attempt is of a November rose Rosemoor, such a delicate shade of pink and delicate petals with a strong old rose fragrance.


  1. Wonderful! I agree, we learn so much from seeing others posts. I am so happy I decided to blog. There are so many wonderful, sharing people that garden. You are at the top of that list my friend.

  2. Great job. Beautiful!

  3. Brooke Thank you for that kind compliment I am honoured. yes it is good to share.
    Thank you also Mother nature.

  4. Well done Joanne - you must be chuffed. I have worked out how to put my name to photos using Picasa but how did you make the photo larger?
    Would love to know. Do tell :)

  5. Blotanical has a group of great gardeners and designers. I learn something from them everyday.
    The rose is so gorgeous and you have done a wonderful job getting your watermark on it.Kudos.

  6. oooo..beautiful pink flower....just brings cheer to my eyes!
    YES INDEEDY!! That IS A.A.Milne's house!
    I have always wished to go you know who owned it around 40 years ago??
    Have a lovely time with your photography and thanks for the cheer :)

  7. It turned out beautifully!! I have the Canon program so I think my next project will be to see if I can figure out the watermark on that.
    I hope I get a few pretty November roses like yours!

  8. Wow..what a wondrous Flower picture!! Beautiful!! Bloggers are wonderful helpers! i agree!Catherine has also shared great instructions for me to learn..! Great post always! I still am learning but it helps to have wonderful helpers along the way!!

  9. Hi Joanne,
    You have come along way - you left me behind in the dust!
    I need to take some time to fiqure these things out. I love the rose photo-good work.


  10. Joanne - Thank you for the mention :)

    I am so glad that you have found Blotanical a good group to belong to.

    Your rose image is wonderful and its great that you have worked out how to copyright it.

  11. Hi Joanne, isn't it exciting being on a learning curve and having so much encouragement and support? That photo is fantastic. Another blogger who has helped me is VW. I have awarded you the Truth scrap award. Cheers, catmint
    P.S. I'm nearly melting - it's only spring and already it's the third day with temperatures over 30!

  12. lovely rose and great photo with your NAME of it! yay!!!

  13. What a wonderful success your first large photo is! I am looking forward to more...

  14. The photo is gorgeous larger and I like your name on your photos. Thank you for being such a faithful follower of my blog, Joanne.

  15. Yippee! You did it! The photo looks wonderful! Bloggers are the best! gail

  16. Lovely job with the larger photo! This rose is gorgeous. -Jackie

  17. What a stunning photo!
    I bought myself a new camera yesterday, so I'll be out later practicing with it .... hope I can manage something vaguely near as good as this!

  18. A big congrats on mastering the large photo, Joanne! It looks great and I do believe having our name in the picture symies the thieves too. Garden bloggers are such a generous group. :-)

  19. Hi Joanne,
    well, it is nice to know that am not the only one who asks my daughter to help me with my blog! Love the rose, simply divine.
    I found you on Blotanical, such a treat to browse your blog.

  20. Thanks for all your comments as always much appreciated Anna I have e mailed directions.
    Rosey Pollen nice of you to pop by.
    You will be amused to hear I tried again today to put my name on a photo. I spent ages using the wrong program before realising how I had done it the other day. Just shows I should make notes because I never can remember what I did when it comes to IT.

  21. Lovely pic. I know what you mean when you said "make it tougher for thieves". I need to get back and do the name on photos again, only thing is it is time-consuming.

  22. I can almost smell that gorgeous rose... Thanks for all you share with us.

  23. Joanne, A big thank you to you for your recent post on my blog about blogging. New friends in blog-world are so special.

  24. Always something to learn...isn't there?
    Bigger cool.
    Someday I'll be happier with my camera and pictures on my blog.
    We all have various reasons for slowing down doing post...mostly because the season is over.
    But sickness has to be the worst.
    Best wishes to you and hope your good days outweigh the bad.

  25. Joanne, your rose picture is very very beautiful. You are a fast learner. It takes a long time for me to figure out changes to my blog layout. The last time I asked another blogger how to post larger pictures, I was given the cold turkey. That was the last time she ever commented back or take notic of me! Luckily, there are many blotanists like you who share info unselfishly. Cheers to you, Joanne!

  26. That is a wonderful picture.