Saturday, 3 October 2009


A bit of a deviation from the theme of gardening. When Alison stayed over from Canada we decided to have a day out at the Watercress steam railway so boarded the steam train at Alton. This was the first stop at Ropley.
Ropley is a train engineering yard so lots of trains there to see.

It was a lot of point and snap. The next one after this was just smoke so didn't think it would interest you.

Back on the train we disembarked at Alresford crossing the bridge allowed some good photo shots.

The carriages were just as interesting.

New Alresford town is quaint and interesting so we decided to have a walk and a picnic.

Not one to miss a lovely garden or cottages.

This is the lane past the watermill which has been restored nicely over the years we have visited the town.

This is the watercress beds.

The Fire Station.

I ran out of charge for my camera but Mike had my old Fuji camera so I was able to use that too.
This was New Alresford St John the Baptist church shot courtesy of Alison

Probably the best action packed shot was also courtesy of Alison. The connection.


  1. It's great, Joanne! I used to ride trains often when I was a child/teenager. You find yourself in a different world while riding a train. Nice pictures! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the memories . . .
    That was a lovely day. great weather, great company and lots of steamtrains. They have so much more character than the modern trains!
    We have been threatened with snow this evening so enjoy your sunshine while it lasts.
    2 good thoughts about snow
    1)it can be very beautiful and 2) Ticks do not thrive in it!!

  3. I had a job packing watercress at Alresford one summer. I know the area very well. The Watercress line is a load of fun. Thanks for the memories.

  4. Oh this is just sublime, Joanne! I love trains and have never seen ones like some of these! The village is so quaint too. How fun! :-)

  5. Hi Joanne~~ Thank you for Faving me on Blotanical. Looks like a fun trip. The watermill photos look so intriguing.

  6. We did something similar on Thursday - at the West Somerset Railway's Autumn Steam Gala. Bittern was there at the spring one :)

  7. What a nostalgic ride, thanks for taking us along.

    We rode the Train (the Diesel is the one tourists were supposed to take) across the island of Jamaica, years ago.

  8. Tatyana Yes they are fun.

    Alison Keep hugging that sofa.

    Jo Small world.

    Frances Mike is a keen railway enthusiast but I am a sucker for old things too including trains.

    Grace Nice of you to pop by, I have been meaning to check your blog out for some time when i see you post on many of the same blogs as I do.

    VP I expect you had a lovely time fancy you remembering that Bittern was there must be a real fan to remember that. It is a particularly nice body design I thought.

    NellJean How nice of you to pop by I am sure your train ride in Jamaica was quite a spectacular sight seeing trip.

  9. Elephant's Eye so pleased you enjoyed this post a bit of a change for me from gardening.

  10. I have always wanted to stand next to a steam engine! Perhaps I've watched too many 30's and 40's English movies, where the heroine is leaving and her hero runs to catch her train! The little garden behind the fantastic gate is delightful...
    It sounds like a great visit! gail

  11. I loved the train system when we lived in England, so different from Canada(and so much better). Such a romantic looking trip and what a lovely little village.
    Thank you for adding me to your blogroll, I will add you to mine.

  12. I seem to be having a problem and not everyone can access my comments so Carol e mailed me and here is her comment.
    Very impressive pictures! Still won't let me comment on your page.
    ggrrrr Anyway great post!

    The old steam engines are so much fun to ride in. We have one in
    Washington that tours through the mountain side for about 2 hours.
    What fun!

    (Had a cousin, Elfriede, who settled in Bournemouth with her English
    husband. )

  13. Hello. Your pictures remind me of "Thomas the Train" episodes that my children used to watch. Thank you for the great train and countryside pictures.

  14. It's like a historical trip down memory lane. The train rides reminds me of my childhood where I used to take the train while visiting relatives with my granny. Sometimes, I enjoyed sitting on the backward motion side. Afterall, its only on the train that one can get to travel backwards! Theres certainly a lot of steam coming out from the engines. Does it create a lot of dust on the face too ?

  15. Azplantlady Yes very much like thomas the tank engine stories.

    Autumn Belle I took one photo into just steam. Later I realised it probably didn't do my lense much good on my new camera so have had to give it a gentle wipe.

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