Wednesday 21 October 2009


I love Nerines and have struggled for years with them in the garden although several neighbours have wonderful displays in their gardens. I have one flower in my garden.
I started to grew some in large white buckets so that I could place on the doorstep. They are in a gritty compost which they like and I can keep the frost off their flowers by the protection of the front porch. This worked well except they needed re potting and the buckets were too big and heavy to keep moving.

This spring I repotted them and ended up with a bench full of pots. I think I let them get too dry early in the year and due to lack of space they stayed in the greenhouse all summer. This year I have so few flowers on them I do hope they do better next year.

The Agapanthus and lillies are stored in the greenhouse during the winter but at present the greenhouse is full of geranium and other plants that need to be in a frost free place ie. the porch which is currently being re roofed.

Hiding amongst the Amelanchier is a Liquidamber that I have relocated. I need to nurture it for now until it is properly established. I am hoping it will fill a gap that has developed and balance this corner out better.

A couple of years ago I planted up either side of the fence with a view to more height and so making the top bit of the garden more enclosed and hiding the view out over the estate behind. The Hoheria grew larger than I had realised and flopped over and around the Liquidamber so I decided to move the Liquidamber I always knew it was not in a good position as it grows into such a large tree although not in my life time.

I have a cutting from Crimson Shower Rambling Rose which will benefit now with more space and the seat on the left covered in ivy will not be submerged by the Liquidamber.


  1. Joanne, we use a lot of Nerines in the flower shop this time of year. They are so beautiful, not common in Ontario, I don't think that they are hardy (although I am not sure).

  2. Nerines! I always wondered what they were called - gorgeous. I LOVE liquidamber, you have a nice one there, oh so many ideas for a new garden, once we bloomin well sell!! x

  3. These pink Nerines are lovely. They will brighten up any home.

  4. I have never heard of Nerines? They are gorgeous though! One of the many things I love about blogging, learning about new plants around the world

  5. I love the name Liquid Amber! It's a beautiful tree here in the Middle Southern USA. Amelanchier are also a beauty~especially in the fall! Your garden looks lovely, Joanne. gail

  6. Love the Nerines BUT you know I never heard of any of the plants you listed in this post.
    Roses and other flowers up against the fence make for a warm cottage look. Stunning.
    By the way....I want your greenhouse !

  7. Wow, the Nerines are truly beautiful! I love being introduiced to new things..they are gorgeous! Lovely post! Great photos!! such lushness everywhere!

  8. I have never tried nerines - must give them a go sometime. Hope that the porch roof is ready before it gets much colder :)

  9. Joanne, you put me to shame. Will have to go apologise to my Nerines. Your "few" flowers look generous to me.

  10. Deborah I don't think of them for arranging but perhaps when i manage to get more to flower I might.
    Carrie Try not to let your moving upset you think of all the exciting garden things you will be able to do and I hope it goes smoothly for you.

    Patsi I have two greenhouses one taked on to the back of the other but I dream of a Hartley Botanical or an Alitex. Still as a mere mortal I just make do. I am sure those who can afford one probably are too busy spending their wealth on other things and don't really have as much fun as I do in the greenhouse.
    Kiki yes it is great to hear about different plants.
    Anna you should definitely try the Nerines the Bowdenii type are the hardy ones which will go in the garden of course as Bowden was my maiden name I had to have some. As to the back lean too who knows it is slow progress too many other demands on Mike's time and then rain when he has the time.
    Elephant's eye I did have a paler variety and they have not flowered at all this year I am not sure what went wrong they didn't grow many leaves either.

  11. Hello Joanne,

    Your Nerines are beautiful. I have never seen any before. I hope you get a lot of flowers next year!

  12. I think you may have just solved a mystery flower for me. A friend of my mom's gave her some "lilies" from another friend's garden. I knew the owner of the garden at one time. I took care of her when I had been a nurse, so my mom gave me some too. Mine just had foliage this year, but my mom's bloomed and look just like the Nerines you show. Do yours have a fragrance?
    BTW I forgot to answer your question about 'Comtesse de Bouchard' (sp?) and when I pruned it. I just planted it this summer so I've never pruned it, I need to find out when I should.

  13. Azplantlady Many thanks.

    Catherine. Margery Fish recommends pruning late flowering clematis 14th February here in UK. I pruned mine one year late January and found they flowered much earlier with the early flowering clematis. I guess if I had time a program of pruning could keep a continuous flowering season although as I still have some flowering now that has been fairly continuous since the Alpinas came out.

    Nerines I have grown do not seem to have a perfume but there are other forms so I can't speak for them.

  14. Hi Joanne, your greenhouse is packed to the rafters! The nerines are wonderful, not a plant I am familiar with. The perfect pink foil for fall foliage. :-)

  15. Hi Joanne
    here I thought I'd seen ALL the plants you have but I missed these 2
    The Nerines are so pretty!!I can see why people would use them in arrangements!

  16. Hi Joanne

    Aren't Nerines also called Guernsey Lilly?

    My mother in law grows them down in the west country where they weem to flourish. Not as frosty there as other parts.

    I'm jealous of your greenhouse.


  17. Frances yes I hope we don't get too much frost before the roof is done and I can move them into a frost free place.
    Alison Hi yes something you missed.

    Rob not a Hartley Botanical though!

  18. Joanne, I love your Nerines! Your greenhouse plants and vines all look so happy and healthy they are all nearly bursting out or falling over... your garden is lush and lovely spilling over that way. Carol

  19. Hello Joanne, I bloghopped over to your site and love it! Your cottage garden is wildly romantic and beautiful! Glad I found you!