Friday 4 September 2009


I had a lovely trip to Bath with my daughter last Wednesday and so decided to combine a post on this lovely town with one for VP's OOTS. Out on the streets. The above shop looked so prettily decorated with flowers. I saw it whilst walking from Sally Lunn's back towards the Royal Baths I think it was facing Abbey Green.
These are the famous Royal Baths and well worth the visit.

Yes that is steam rising from the hot spring water as it enters the King's Bath and yes it is hot although you are not supposed to we couldn't resist putting our hands in a rill. It certainly dried my hand noticeably I guess from all the chemicals in the spring water.

The King's Bath

An arched overflow part of the Roman engineering arrangements.

There was so much to see and photograph and it was such a treat to see it all.
From the brochure.
'The water we see today fell on the Mendip Hills many hundreds or even thousands of years ago. It percolates down through limestone aquifers to a depth of between 2700 and 4300 metres where natural heat raises the temperature to between 64 and 96 degrees C. Under pressure the heated water rises to the surface along fissures and faults through the limestone beneath Bath.'
Bath is a beautiful town with so much to see, the Architecture is so well preserved keeping the character of the town.
For those Jane Austin fans there is also a Jane Austin museum which we enjoyed visiting.


  1. I suppose that's how Bath got its name... yes? Lovely photos. ~bangchik

  2. just found your lovely!
    I will visit often!

    have a nice weekend

  3. Very interesting post Jo, I haven't been to Bath since I was little so sadly remember very little about it, but it definitely looks like a wonderful place to visit :)

  4. Thank you for all the happy memories you brought back to my mind by posting these pictures!

  5. Hi Joanne,
    Glad you had a nice time in Bath with your daughter. My husband and I were there last year-such beautiful architecture. We had tea in the Jane Austin tearoom.
    I really want to go back to England and spend more time in the Cotswolds.


  6. Thank you so much for sharing this! I've heard of Bath, but knew little about it. It really is pretty there.

  7. Hi Joanne! It was my great pleasure to read your post and look at the pictures, since I visited Bath and the Royal Baths. I'll never forget the footprints on the ancient stones. How many thousands of people should step on those stones to leave footprints!Amazing! Thank you very much!

  8. Hi Joanne. Your photos are beautiful.

    I tagged you for a meme "7 Things you dont know about me". See my post if you are interested in playing along.

  9. Thanks Joanne for joining in with OOTS, that's a shop I've yet to find even though I visit Bath often. I must remember to go and photograph Bath's roundabouts for OOTS too.

    Next time you're down this way, do get in touch :)

  10. I have only passed through Bath en route for the racecourse but vowed that we would have to return at some point. It looks a fascinating town.

  11. Hi Joanne, it is a beautiful spot, love the cobbled street too. Of course you had to feel the water! If it made your hand dry imagine being immersed in it, yikes!

  12. Hi, and thanks for visitng my blog! I spent a day in Bath a couple of years ago, during a stay in Bristol - such a pretty town!

  13. joanne...i am so delighted you found my blog "things i love." i have never been to bath but would love to one day. i love old architechture.
    is abbey green a street or a church? just wondered...because that is my daughters name abbey g.
    i signed your g/book...make sure you sign my guestbook at the bottom of my blog too.
    i am so happy you have been able to get treatment for l/disease and feel much better is such a joy...and now you can experience that again.

  14. What a wonderful bath and so old. What a nice trip. Thanks for sharing it.

  15. I enjoyed the visit! Sounds like you are helping a great deal of people that are misdiagnosed and possibly have lyme disease. You have a wonderful blog! :)

  16. Oh what an enjoyable blog! I love reading about your garden but this is nice for a change. I adore Bath - the buildings, the holilday atmosphere, the countryside round it. If you go again, try to include a visit to the nursery on the way down - I think it's called Special Plants. I particularly like your pictures here, the ones showing the steam really make me want to go back there!

  17. Hi everyone thank you for all your comments. Bath realy is a wonderful place to visit. Yes Carolyn, Jane Austin's tea shop was our first stop.
    Frances the tale starts with someone with Leprosy who bathed in the spring water and it cleansed his skin. Not surprising after how my hand felt.
    Missy M thank you for the honour I will pop over to your blog.
    Hi VP thanks for the invite but I don't get over that way much really.
    Marmee Abbey Green is a piece of grass with streets on each side. Like a quadrangle.
    Amy knowledge is power.
    Anyone interested should look at Lewis Jeynes website on my blog role. Finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease and already after only 8 weeks antibiotics is able to hold his head up again. He went from a two year old toddler to being unable to move arms and legs hold head up, swallow, talk and having seizures in 3 years and no one was able to diagnose. Because Lyme Disease blood tests are only 50% reliable and doctors are misled by IDSA discredited guidleines.

  18. Joanne, Bath is a very beautiful place. Your photos are great.

  19. Ah Bath

    A gem

    I haven't been there for ages, something of a geography problem these days.

    Nice shots by the way.

  20. Hi Joanne - just to let you know I've now got Mr Linky up and running, so I've added a link to your contribution over at my place :)

  21. Bath is on my must visit when I get to Britain! Ah to have tea at the very famous shoppe!


  22. Hey Joanne, fab piccy's! I'm back at docs tomorrow for blood test for Lyme disease. Doc was very good & totally agreed I should rule it out. I was very pleased with his reaction!!

  23. Bath is so very interesting! I love those flowers in front of that shop too. Lovely post.