Friday, 25 September 2009


I have just found out that Joanne's Cottage garden is in the finals for the Blotanical awards of the best urban garden. I am so touched that you voted for me and thank everyone so much it means such a lot to have got so far.

The above shot was the best I could find at short notice I am not sure I should have let the flash go off lighting the foreground and I was a little late to actually get the sunset properly, I was hanging around for the bats but missed them too.

What you don't see is the housing estate at the middle distance. Which I try to pretend isn't there.

I would appreciate photographic advice at any time it is such a steep learning curve for me but fun.

I have to thank Karen from an Artists garden as she was the person to introduce me to Blotanical and the many friends I have made there.

I know I bore you all with Lyme Disease and you are good to come back to my blog after my constant rantings. I have actually been really struggling recently. Not in health that's doing well thank goodness, but I am struggling with the burden of hearing about so many sick people but especially children who have struggled with this illness before diagnosis and are still struggling to get proper treatment.

I spend hours trying to raise awareness and trying in vain to get a journalist to take five minutes to find out what is going on that affects so many people when simple antibiotics can help us. I despair when I hear about the controversy and Blotanical and all you blogging friends help counter that despair so thank you and keep safe from tick bites.


  1. Congratulations Joanne! A well deserved nomination! I love your photo. Thank you also for keeping us informed about Lyme Disease. Gail

  2. Congratulations Joanne for being nominated. I think your blog is great on two fronts, your beautiful garden and the awareness you've brought to Lyme disease. Good luck :)

  3. Congratulations on your nomination! You have such a wonderful blog and I really enjoy coming here and reading your posts and seeing your pictures. You deserve to be nominated and I hope you win.
    As far as your 'ranting' (as you put it) goes who can blame you after what you have been through with Lyme Disease. I'm sure you are helping people every day by talking about it.
    I know I haven't been around much over the summer but circumstances have prevented it. I hope to be back often now.

  4. congratulations from Norway!!! I'm sure it is deserved:))

  5. Just keep your spirits up Joanne - I know it can be disheartening - but each time you feel down, just go out in your garden and see what joy it brings you!

  6. Congratulations Joanne and Good Luck! Thank you for what you are doing withregard to LD awareness.

  7. Hi Joanne
    Congratulations on your nomination for Blogtanical
    I think the Lyme community should give you an award too for the positive, knowlegable way you keep everyone who reads your blog informed about the disease.
    BTW I shall have to read all your old blogs when I try to sort out all the flower photos and put names on all them!!

    You, your family ( including Beth) are incredible!

    Love to them all from Lymie Limey

  8. Congratulations Joanne for getting into the finals... and wish you good luck. Even with the distractive unintentional flash, the beautiful sky at sunset is still very much visible and beautiful.... Cheers, ~bangchik

  9. Congratulations! That is an honor and good work raising awareness for lyme disease too.

  10. My dear Joanne, Congratulations! You deserve this accolade and I wish you the best of luck.

  11. Thought I'd say hi and thanks for dropping by my CFS blog. I'm from Surrey too, although living in N Wales at the moment. Also have a keen interest in gardens and other half is a landscape/tree person.

    Since I've been blogging I've become much more Lyme aware and tell everyone about the dangers of ticks. Most of my blogging Lymie friends are American. It's good to see someone in the UK taking up the cudgel.

    Nice to discover your blog.

  12. Much deserved, Joanne and congratulations for the nomination. You have certainly raised awareness through your tireless efforts and have indeed made a difference. My hat's off to you, with a bow, and/or curtsy if that is appropriate. :-)

  13. Congratulations on your nomination, Joanne! Keep your spirits up -- it's not an easy road, I know, but everything you are doing will bring about change. I applaud your efforts to bring awareness to the public about Lyme Disease and to help make changes in the medical world in regard to diagnosis and treatment. You've help me make sure to teach my kids and others about tick and LD awareness. Thank you for all you are doing!

  14. Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement.
    Jo nice of you to drop by and so pleased to hear you are Lyme aware keep in mind as a possible diagnosis Lyme is found throughout UK and as I say I have met several people in Guildford with chronic lyme. Sadly I had thought it unique to USA. We are not always aware of being bitten when the smallest tick is the size of a poppy seed, we don't feel the bite and 50% don't get the tell tale rash nor do we always improve on a short course of antibiotics although if we do it is a bit of a giveaway.

  15. Hi Joanne
    Some good Lyme news in Canada
    CTV's investigative show W5 is scheduled to air their report about Lyme disease sometime in October!!I will keep you posted.
    Keep up your great work

  16. WOOOHOOO Congratulations on your nomination Miss Joanne! I knew you were a star right from the start ~ big hugs, Cherry

  17. Congrat's are in order, dear Joanne! I've enjoyed your blog and talking with you, as well! Sorry I've not been over to visit in a while...but life gets busy;-) My Lyme seems to be more symptoms! I even stopped taking the Lyrica (it was making me swell up and I was tired of it!). I can actually cope and function without it. Only a small amt. of pain, which I can manage. I really think the 3+ months of doxycyclene did the trick. My son seems better, as well...and he wasn't treated for Lyme. Not sure if he really ever had it. If he gets ill again I'll look in to more options. For now, we are both well. Good luck in the awards!

  18. Alison sounds interesting publicity.

    Jan I am delighted with your good news. At least now you know what to be vigilant for and that doxy worked for you.