Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Just a few Autumn Belles. Rudbekia, given to me by a neighbour a couple of years ago. With Michaelmas Daisy beginning to open nearby.

A hardy fuschia name unknown but originated from a friends garden in Newquay Cornwall.

The last of the Cosmos and Lavatera flowers.

The hanging baskets on the lamp post never did as well as the others this year not sure why not possibly got a bit too hot and dry at the start of the season.

A cutting from my mother in law's rose taken by my sister in law. It's always nice to have plant associations adds such pleasure to a garden like greeting long lost friends I always think.

This hanging basket had a trim when the Petunia went over and has still remained interesting for a while longer.

I couldn't resist another Morning Glory photo as they are popping out all over now.

Third flush of The President but much smaller I suspect because I haven't watered as well as I should have done.

More Morning Glories.
A second flush of Trachelospermum Jasminoides.
These flowers in the last few photos were all saying hello as I put the washing out, so I had to get the camera to capture them. They can be seen from indoors too, so double pleasure.
I struggle to keep Colchicums away from the snails and was pleased to see these flowering, but look closely there's a darn snail under the duck's bill waiting it's next feast. Ugh!


  1. Oh, that last picture is darling! But snails... At least, they are not shamelessly naked as my slugs! Love morning glory, cosmos,actually everything!

  2. Hi Joanne,
    Still looking good. I especially love the rose over the fence.
    Take care,

  3. Your autumn belles are quite lovely. Snails shouldn't be allowed to eat our gardens. They should have their own private dining hall.

    Morning glories are a favorite of mine.


  4. You do have some Belles there, just beautiful! I love the rose!! And now I know what the flowers I've seen popping up around here are, Colchicums! Now I know what to be looking for.

  5. I think you are most right about plant associations. I have plants that are the commonest things but because they may have come from a friend or family they become the most special. I wish I could grow colchiums. I had them one year then they disappeared. It was fun when folks came over and said how do you have crocuses growing?

  6. Lovely picket fence with such a nice dollop of red roses on it. And of course that ipomea. Will I ever manage to grow one of those?
    I was worried when your time between postings seemed unusually long. Hope everything is OK.

  7. Hi Joanne.
    I love that rose picture! And your hardy fuschia is wonderful. Your yard is like a wonderland.

  8. Lovely photos, certainly plenty still going on in your garden at the moment!

  9. White pelargonium from my mother, red from Betty next door, shocking pink from an open garden in Wellington ... oh yes, me too!!

  10. Hi Thanks for all the lovely comments it is good to be back blogging.

    Joco yes fine thank you.

    I have had Alison over from Canada staying. She comes to UK to see my Lyme Doctor. Yes isn't it a ridiculous state of affairs people travelling half way round the world just to get prescribed antibiotics for Lyme Disease when if you had a bad case of achne they are prescribed without question.

    I also went to Lyme Disease Conference last week. Judith Miklossy was one of the presenters her research on infection and Alzheimer's is ground breaking stuff.

    Lewis Jeynes is beginning to improve but still on private treatment and NHS doctors still puzzling what to do!
    Danielle Fisher who was in all the papers July 2008 is at last much improved and back at school after nearly two years of private treatment.

    How many more children and people must suffer un necessarily when a bit of awareness is all it takes and antibiotics for those unfortunate enough to be infected.

  11. Fuschias! I love their electric colours... I wonder why they're not tropical? With such hot colours one would think they should be(and then I would be able to grow them).
    I love the riot of colours in your garden.
    And I love having plants associated with friends and family too. I sometimes add plants associated with places and holidays too to that list ;)

  12. Hi Joanne, welcome back. The fall crocus are such a delight, I thought for a moment that was a real duck! He would have made sushi from that snail! :-)

  13. Hi Joanne

    All good stuff.

    That Fuchsia looks like 'Riccartonii', they've naturalised in many parts of the southwest and Ireland. Sometimes there are almost hedgerows full of them. It's actually one of my favourite fuchsia.