Thursday 26 February 2009


Early Febuary surprised us with a foot of snow, more than I have seen in the last 30 years of living in Surrey. I ventured out to shake the snow off a few shrubs and my standard Bay trees that I have grown from cuttings. I couldn't resist a few photographs especially as I used snow photos to make my Christmas cards last year, so wanted some more for next years.

Snow or not Beth needs a walk and although she is not keen on the snowballs that collect on her feathers by the time it was my turn to take her the road had been flattened a little by people out enjoying the walk.

This is a view down the road from a few paces from our house. Like fairyland.

The track left after the litter bin is a nice short walk through the woods into an open field surrounded by a housing estate.

Down the track is a bungalow but off to the left again is a path through the woods. Which comes out by a lovely old Oak tree.

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