Monday 23 February 2009


The cottage was built in 1900 one of a pair and was originally a farm labourers cottage. The garden is small but big enough for our needs. There is a small garden at the front to the side of the drive and bordered by a lovely low flint wall with semi circular bricks topping the wall. A similar wall is found on the boundary siding the driveway. Between our garden and our neighbouring half is a low picket fence.
The kitchen door leads through an ugly but invaluable lean to onto a narrow terrace bordered by picket fencing and gate down three steps onto a small area of lawn to the right and flower bed to the left. This rear garden has single storey brick walls on either side topped by trellis. Along the small winding brick path takes you to another gate in more picket fencing and two steps down to the main part of the garden. Further winding brick path arrives at the last 2 steps down to a paved working area with two green houses to the right behind which is found a tiny pond and garden, two coal frames and a potting bench. To the left of the steps is a huge composting area and shed. The rear garden is an odd wedge shaped area widening towards the bottom which has a Leyland cypruss hedge maintained about 3 meters high on mutual agreement with the neighbour beyond.
At one time the rear garden was used as a coal merchants yard and his lorry was driven down the side of the house, not possible any more, the cottage was extended leaving a very narrow pedestrian access to the rear. Fortunately very little coal deposit has been found in the garden, which with years of gardening probably helped by the pig that used to be kept at the bottom plus night soil has now resulted in a deep rich loam. Although there are still some areas of the clay subsoil a little more apparent particularly in long dry summers.


  1. Lovely pictures Mum. Very inspiring. x

  2. Hiya Joanne,

    Just wanted to let you know that I am having a rummage through your cupboards :-)
    You stormed upon the garden blogging scene, didn't you.
    You missed your calling: Public relations!
    Not too late.
    Don't mind me looking around.

  3. Hi Jo Found you at last. Like the Scarlett Pimpernel (excuse spelling was never my strongest subject).

    I got as far as Trebah gardens before I decided to start at the begining.

    I do hope you and anyone else browsing take time also to read the links into Lyme Disease. It is such a complete cock up going on and will have such significance to many auto immune illnesses. With all the intrigue and controversay I cannot understand why the media haven't got on board it will be the scoop of a life time in UK. Lots in the news in the States but they've caused the problem. Money ,money, money and greed and arrogance., but so much science that supports why long term antibiotics are necessary for some people.

    The information on my blog hardly scratches the surface.

    I know I get cranky but when you have suffered so much pain that you want your life to end and then after many months of treatment you start to improve month on month with many ups and downs, you cannot understand how doctors can be in such denial or dictated to by HPA a handful of microbiologists that are involved with the people in USA who were discredited by legal action, after they wrote the IDSA guidelines limiting treatment on antibiotics.

    No wonder those of us who recover our health are so passionate about raising awareness. Many are infact doctors and their families or other medical people, obviously their training puts them in a better position to understand their symptoms and treatment response.

    What's wrong with journalists are they not capable of real investagative journalism of the callibre Pam Weintraube has done see links at the top. MP's expenses was hardly a surprise how many people in business do the same?

    Figures were just released for UK cases of Lyme Disease confirmed by tests. 817 for 2008 but it is generally accepted that the figures are 10x that as how many people are even aware of the poppy sized tick or even know about lyme disease sometimes it can be years before symptoms really deteriorate. Many of the people I talk to have been ill more than 10 years, myself 6 so if we are conservative and multiply by 5 that is currently 40,600 at any given time. Some suspect the figure could be much higher.

    One day this will become in the public domain but how many more people must suffer, when 6 weeks of antibiotics could prevent years of ill health.

    What of the children living with chronic ill health of no known cause have they ever properly been assessed for Lyme Disease.

    Gardeners and horticultralists are warned by their employers but children run around on the edge of the woods and roll in the long grass parents unaware of any possible dangers.