Wednesday, 25 February 2009

January 09

Sorting through my seed drawer is about as much as I do in January. It will soon become apparent what a fine weather gardener I am, unlike Mike who will go out early in most weather's and do something.
Sorting through seeds is a bit like looking at Christmas decorations, you forget about many of your treasures. In my usual way I am not so good at throwing things away, seeds being no exception and especially ones collected from the garden or friends, but it is surprising what germinates even if left for a few year
Dad has some Hostas which have enormous leaves about the size of circling your arms to meet at finger tips. Some years I grew some from seed but put them out when they were too small to fend for themselves against the slugs, snails and drought. I tried again a few years ago but nursed them on longer and then potted them up.

The pots on the drive have a couple of baby Hostas at the front. Mike does not believe in using the car unnecessarily, so a few pots on the drive make the garden more interesting

The all green leaved Hostas on the terrace are after they have grown a little more.

Other seeds that have been successful are my Delphiniums. I have found them easier to care for when grown in a bed together any planted in the borders have soon disappeared. When Rachel and Rebecca were small I had an allotment for many years, there
was a man who had an allotment next to mine who grew Delphiniums for show. It was such a sight when they were in flower together always made me think Dreaming Spires. I am sewing a new packet of seeds this year as my plants are not so robust and need adding to.
Cuttings are something I also enjoy taking and below are a couple of photos of my Box more established here.

At either end of the vegetable beds are boxes with roses and other herbaceous plants .

Here in the midst of the Box is the most important member of the household Beth.

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