Wednesday 16 December 2009


A touch of frost in the garden this morning, the first real bit of frost this year. The trough in the drive is still interesting with it's winter foliage.
I am slow at cutting back the dead plants, I quite like to see them in the winter frost especially from the bedroom window above. I also think they give the birds opportunities to feed. Well that's my excuse anyway.

These berries on the wall should keep a few birds fed.

The frost looks good on these silver leaves but I must look up the name of this shrub because I have forgotten it.

Hebe Nicola's blush looks especially pretty in the frost.

One of several frozen mini ponds.

I still haven't got round to pruning all the roses, some, but it is a shame to chop them back when they are still flowering.

More silver foliage lending itself to the frosty look although the box looks interesting too, much better than the traditional vegetable bed which can look so bleak in the winter.

I couldn't resist these last roses with their pretty frosted edges.

And the Fairy too.

The greenhouse is rather full and being unheated I decided to leave the summer shade on maybe it will help keep some heat in.

These little babies didn't find a home but maybe some will get popped in the beds in the spring, I quite like them on the bench too, up close to enjoy them.

Interesting to see the Acer has already swollen buds of new growth.

This view back to the house hides the jobs on the top section that are still waiting to be done.
One more last farewell from an unknown rose.
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  1. Hello Joanne,

    I like the texture that your plants add to the garden...don't cut them back yet ;0)

    I just love the frosted roses, they are beautiful.

  2. Joanne I love walking though your gardens with you... the frost everywhere is so lovely if deadly! I think you are right not to cut down the plants, for the birds will find all kinds of seeds... not all can eat the berries. Your roses are beautiful dressed in crystals. I love your little babies in the greenhouse too! Carol

  3. Wow..the roses look so magical all frosted!! Enchanting! Lovely have such a lovely property too..awesome! I love those box garden mini hedges! Great post! Good title too!!I am waiting for the cast of TOF to jump out of your garden photos!Ha ha!

  4. It's all so very lovely Joanne~~You have a wonderful garden to begin with and the's just icing on the cake! When I look at C&L I think some of the stalks need to come down! gail

  5. We havent had a hard frost yet here in Worcestershire just cold drizzly rain

  6. Enjoyed a frosty morning walk round your garden Joanne. We have had a couple of frosts now and more to come soon according the forecast. My 'Fairy' is still going but is not carrying as many blooms as yours.

  7. There are so many things I love about this post... let's see where do I start? First, I love the frost on the roses - amazing and beautiful. I'm drooling over the greenhouse - so wish I had one. And, the formal hedges look like they are in a secret garden!

  8. Hi Joanne, what a wonderful interesting garden you have. I even loved looking inside the greenhouse, all sorts of goodies in there. The frost is a wonderful sprinkling on all the stalks and evergreens. The box hedges look so neat and geometrical. My back hurts at the thoughts of the pruning however, but I do love the look. A true garden in every sense of the word. :-)

  9. Hi Joanne,
    I loved seeing your garden in December-so different from here where we have a pretty good blanket of snow.Roses in December is hard to imagine for me-so pretty with frost.
    Take care,

  10. When I saw your post title on the list, I thought it was going to be about the tv show.LOL
    Why does a frost make everything look so sharp and clear? Like jewels or fairy dust emphasizing the lovely lines of your hedging. Love it.

  11. Joanne your frost pictures are fantastic! The Hebe looks so neat with the frosted center area and the white trim around each leaf. And the roses are just gorgeous with the frost on them. They look like they've been sugared. Is that what it's called? LOL

  12. It all looks so pretty with frost! I like how you've left your perennials standing, I left more up this year and it's so much nicer than a bunch of dirt showing. The birds will be happy for your seeds too.
    The roses look just beautiful with frosted edges.

  13. Joanne, i have been at Blotanical a little over a month and have just discovered your blog. What a treat! Your garden has such good bones, visible now with so many plants going dormant. The frost is a great accent; I love the frosted roses. I am really looking forward to your future posts. I bet your garden is spectacular in the spring.

  14. Joanne, you have put such a lot into this post. And into your garden as well: those box hedges, did you plant those? And how long did they take to mature like that?
    Your "The Fairy" has more flowers now in December, than mine have had all year. And the hebe is still pickable.
    Your Christmas Card is HERE. I hope you enjoy christmas just the way you like best.

  15. Thanks for all your lovely comments. The frost has now turned to snow but not a lot.
    Frances fortunately Mike is happy to do the clipping of the Box, phew.

    Joco nice of you to pop over and I love your cottage where you used to live. Thank you for the Christmas card. I still can't get your feed onto my blog role but can now pop back here to link in. Just had a good rumage through your drawers and will be back again soon.
    Difficult to say how long the box took but not long. The ordinary box on one side of course was much quicker than the dwarf variety on the other side but from two original plants of each most of these cuttings came over a period of three years I took them and they took about 4/5 years to look really good.

  16. Lovely sight. Something we never had..... oh, frosted roses will hold its beauty through the winter!! ~bangchik

  17. What on earth! How did I miss this until tonight?? Fab photos, love the box hedges and my goodness those roses are gorgeous!

  18. Joanne, the frosted roses looks like lovely crystal flowers. I wish you a blessed Christmas and a Very Happy New Year 2010!

  19. I delight in what frost does to the look of plants. Your crystalised roses are specially pleasing - don't suppose they'll stay so pretty once it all melts!

    Will you be joining


  20. I love the winter stems of grasses. They really pick up the light. Your garden looks really lovely in the frost.

  21. Hi Lucy I will pop over now and then to monochromeweeklytheme but I am afraid my skills are not up to competing.

    Victoria nice of you to pop by, the frost did not last long and now it is snow.

  22. What a glorious garden, even when heavily laden with frost! Beautiful!!

  23. Already I love your blog. I will always visit.
    I am very loyal !!!!!!!