Saturday, 28 May 2016


                                               Montana Rubens I think.

                                    The president start of more to come as it flowers prolifically.

                                                             A shady corner.

A lovely new cherry tree which sadly lost all its flowers after this was taken and doesn't look at all well despite giving it plenty of water in the dry spell we had.

                   I even weeded the central path and dusted with sand to try to keep further weeds growing.

Another weeded bed this time I use grit to help keep weeds down, in a few weeks the cistus and sage should be flowering.

A sunny day early in May gives a promise of things to come. I am so pleased with the box although it will soon need clipping.

The back terrace shame about the water butt but it is so useful for rain water which has been diverted into it.

              My faithful companion or garden wrecker depending on my mood - Meg.

                                   Clematis Elsa Spath in a sunny position in the front garden

The president clematis again in the back, I had not realised how similar they look but it may just be the photos because the eye picks up blue/purple differently than the camera. I love them both though.

                         Another glimpse of my new cherry before it looked sick.

Choisya  a couple of years ago it was covered in Rose chaffer beetles and although I have already seen a number I have not seen quite the numbers of a couple of years ago

                                                       My vegetable beds.

                                              A final glimpse of my tidy path after the rain.


  1. Hi Joanne! It's always nice to see your garden. I like its structure! I also love your vegetable garden's plant supports! The blooms are beautiful!
    My boxwoods reached the point when I really try to keep them low, otherwise they can block the view from the windows and some of them can shade my raised vegetable beds.
    All the Best to you, your adorable helper and your garden!

    1. Hi Tatyana I must come and 'visit' your gardne again I am slow at virtual garden visits these days but I miss Botanical where I think we first met.

  2. j'espère que le jardin soit pour vous la meilleur thérapie, amitiés

  3. WOW! I love your flowers and garden beds and paths. What a wonderful bit of paradise you have.


  4. Hi Joanne, you garden is stunning, and one which I am trying to emulate myself. Where are you geographically, and what soil do you have? Is your garden open to the public? I would love to visit it...and you! 😊

  5. Hi Kathy I live in Surrey UK, the soil is rather clay but well worked over many years the house is over 100 years old so the clay isn't too much of a problem. The garden isn't opened to the public because it would not meet the rigorous standards for disabled access - the paths being rather rickety. I enjoy showing people around if they call although the best time to see it will be in the next three weeks when the roses will be out and some of the clematis.

  6. What a beautiful garden and lovely photographs.

    1. Hi Gwen Thank you you have some lovely photos on your profile. I also live in Surrey.

  7. It's looking really beautiful Joanne. I envy you being able to grow Cistus our soil is too cold and heavy. I had several in a previous garden and love them.

    Wish I were nearer and could visit, it's a real inspiration. Xx

    1. Hi Jas thanks. Some of my Cistus I grow on what was raised an alpine bed so although our soil is clay they have plenty of grit for drainage.