Monday, 30 May 2016


A short walk with Meg into the local woodland

I timed this walk in these woods just right to see the Cow Parsley

Sad to see the tree stump one of three trees which I posted about in 2010

It was after five o'clock when we did this walk so the sun is not so high and there is more shade.

Now and then Meg will look as if to say why are you taking so long.

A backward glance.

 What a pity the vandals have painted the tree

Another backward glance.

Out into the field on the edge of a housing estate.

Meg thinks she is going back home.

But she is easily encouraged onwards on our walk.

I am so lucky to have this open scenery within a few minutes of my home although we do have ticks here and Lyme Disease.

More houses across the field.

Homeward bound.

Meg not sure which way we will enter the woods today.

Hawthorn in flower the first bush has a pink tinge to it so has been polinated.

The second Hawthorn is still white - it is further round from the suns rays and perhaps was later openeing so hasn't yet been polinated.

Such a lovely old oak tree - I am sure it has lots of stories to tell

Last year I was filmed doing this walk for the Big Tick Project look at the second half of the video in this link 

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