Monday, 29 June 2015


I adore Delphiniums years ago I had an allotment next to someone who grew Delphiniums for show - can you imagine an allotment of Delphiniums it was like being in heaven when they were in flower.
One thing I learnt was that it is very difficult to cater for the needs of a Delphinium in a mixed border because they need so much protection from slugs and snails. So I find by giving them a bed to themsleves is by far the easiest way to grow them and enjoy their beauty.

Of course they don't actually have a bed to themselves - various plants have crept in, box edging grown from cuttings, a Sanders White rose from a cutting and several clematis crawl up the trellis behind the Delphiniums but then what would you expect in my garden

All have been grown from seed why wouldn't you when it is so easy and such lovely colours develop.

Sorry about the bindweed in my unkempt garden - I have since pulled it out but it will grow again in no time.

An old cooking apple tree to one side.

And to the other side a lovely Gleditsia one of a pair that arch over the path.


  1. Gorgeous colours
    wonder why I do not remember delphiniums in your garden? Selective memory?

    1. Hi Alison perhaps they weren't flowering when you visited. I don't always post about them when they do flower. Sorry for the delay in replying busy busy as always.

  2. Oh what beauties Joanne! I would love to grow them but I think that the local mollusc population would soon sniff them out :)

    1. Anna yes they are a problem in my garden but grit on the bed and some slug pellets in the early stages help. Or you know a duck soon cleans the garden of slugs and snails we looked after one for a friend while she was on holiday for a fortnight it was several years before the slug and snail population caused a problem again.

  3. Hi Joanne, thank you so much for sharing these. There is nothing like blue flowers in the garden. I can't grow delphiniums, but I wish I could.~~Dee

  4. What a lovely post full of pics of your gorgeous delphs! I am now following you on Bloglovin. Will be checking in again. Abi x

  5. Merry Christmas! Hope that you and your loved ones are fine.
    Ann-sofie Kassberg
    Gods Peace be with you

  6. Great pictures.
    Forgive my curiosity. Why not publish posts more often.
    You have a very nice blog.