Saturday, 2 May 2015


Clematis Montana Rubens.


Hostas before the snails have a feast and a pot of cowslips. The wild garlic has gone berserk among the bluebells.

                                        Choisya aztec pearl already lovely and lots more flowers yet to open.

                                                      View towards the woods as the trees come into leaf.

                                                        Down the garden path through the vegetables.

                                                                           Up the path

                               The start of the vegetable year the canes are to deter the neighbours cats.

     A view towards the woods lovely to have that borrowed landscape of the neighbours apple tree and                                                                       the woods beyond.

                                 In much need of a weeding and tidying but the camera is quite forgiving.

                                                                   A shady seat and a cheeky robin.

                                 The robin just dropped his worm and then wondered what I was doing.

                                                           Lovely to watch the Acers unfold.

    Much anticipation here with the white rose Banksii Banksii and clematis The President about to burst into flower.

Dendrobium Kingianum white and small pink ones, not sure their name. They are performing well, I wish there was a smell facility the perfume is amazing. This years tomato seedlings waiting for warmer nights before being moved to the greenhouse.

         Meg at the beach. West Wittering.


  1. Hello Joanne, it has been a long time since I followed your blog, always as a silent reader. What a beautiful post of your garden, thank you for showing all these wonderful pictures. I love your veggy plot with the canes! But it must be quite mild to have the Choysia flowering so abundantly, it must smell delightful. And you got a Banksiae, I hope you show pictures when it is in full bloom. We have a more severe climate due to our proximity to the Ardennes. I share something with you: had also lyme and suffered for a long time before anybody found out- luckily this is now much more looked at then when we had it. I absolutely love your spaniel and had to find out where you might have such a lovely beach. If all goes to plan, one day we will be able to move to the UK. Greetings from Belgium, Anke.

  2. Hi Bayou thank you for the comments, nice meeting you. Nice blog love your craft work. Yes Lyme is not a rare disease is it just that doctors rarely diagnose it and even more rarely treat it properly in that first 4 week window to prevent long term complications. I hope you are doing well and haven't too many symptoms left. You might find my Lyme blog Looking at Lyme disease of interest as there is so much going on these days. The beach is about 1 1/2 hours drive away but it is such a lovely place with separate areas for families and those who want to let their dogs run.