Saturday, 30 June 2012


A Rose Chafer Beetle enjoying my roses
The flowery vegetable garden
Rosa Mundi


Sweet Juliet

Mayor of Casterbridge

Looking across the vegetable garden

Delphiniums under the Gleditsia 

White Flower Carpet

Francis E. Lester

Rosa Gallica Officinalis

New Dawn

Will Goodwin

Sir Edward Elgar

Mrs N Thompson


Marie Bissolet



What more can I say? June in the garden has to be the highlight of the year.


  1. beautiful as always, but we want back full quality photos please:)

    1. Thanks James I am not sure but I loaded them differently than before in that I lost all my computer data and now canot load Canon camera software- it must be something to do with stetching them to a larger size perhaps I will have a tinker with them when I find some time.

    2. James thank you hopefully I have sorted it out it was me trying to stretch to a larger photo than Google provides options for and without my original software I was adjusting a different photo size. Do let me know what you think

    3. Joanne, the photos are amazing now!...everything back to normal. I specially like the first one, with the green bug. we don´t get it over here, really nice! but all the other photo are very good, and I love your Clematis and the way you mix some of the plants, like the blue geranium, with the pastel roses...

    4. Thanks James for alerting me to the problem. The Rose Chafer is rare and the first time I have seen it on my roses but have seen it twice before on the compost heap not the same insect though. In fact there were two on the roses and they make such a noise when they fly quite clumsy insects in flight.

  2. You got such a lovely garden! I was thinking the same as James, whats with your cam?
    all good!

    1. Many thanks for your comment it made me go back and fathom the problem out - getting a bit boss eyed at this time of night especially so as I have been posting on my Looking at Lyme Disease blog earlier this evening. All so very time consuming which is why I don't get chance to visit other garden blogs much these days.

  3. Your garden looks amazing!!!


  4. I really enjoyed seeing your garden again! All your roses and other plants look fabulous! The green June bug brought back memories of childhood, when we would catch them. Sadly, I have not seen a june bug in my own garden in years.

  5. Your garden is a paradise! I just love that. I love English gardening style and your garden is stunning!

    Satu from the rainy Finland

  6. Your garden is well looked after, thriving with colours. We do have similar green metallic beetle around here in Malaysia.

    have a nice day...,

  7. Your garden is spectacular and photos are lovely!

  8. Lovely bug and great shots of your beautiful blooms interspersed with scenes of your lovely garden..!! just found you! thanks

  9. Your garden is making me sigh with yearning for summer! I'm in the very start of creating a cottage garden of my own, adapted for our climate and choosing the right kind of plants and was just about looking for ideas. Hope you are well and well-headed for spring now!

    ~ Piia Anneli / annelivia