Saturday, 26 May 2012


The lean to is looking so much nicer since I added the hanging plants.

It's Hosta time again         

The President recovering well after a hard pruning last year.

I do like my pots as you may have noticed but in the current hot spell it does make such a lot of work especially since we have a hose pipe ban already.

What's that in the Hosta bed?

Ah a better look.
Nelly Moser already putting on a show

Hosta bed but we will ignore the ground elder in the bed behind, sigh!

I decided to put two Acers in the shady corner as they were suffering from too much sun last year.
Mrs N. Thompson

The Empress Josephine

Mari Boisselot

Belle of Woking

Pink Fantasy

Lots happening in the vegetable area.

At last seedlings are becoming plants after a rather prolonged cold spell in April

Hanging baskets waiting to be hung out
Cosmos and Lupins and some cloches of clematis cuttings which have now been moved to a shady spot

It is really strange having so much more space since the Leylandii hedge was removed - however it is rather sunny for my nursery although the Laurel are full of shoots so it won't be long before we have a decent and more easily managed hedge again.

Wadas Primrose

Sadly the Wisteria is struggling to grow so we decided to put another plant in, another casualty of the decorating work last year due to new windows. We really missed our beautiful flowering Wisteria this year.

The Wallflower are still looking lovely and colourful
We decided to move the barrel and connect to the downpipe with a coat of paint I think it looks ok.


 There has been someone sorely missed in Orange Cottage Garden this Month. 

                                                         Sadly we lost our Springer Spaniel Beth. 

    There is nothing quite like a dog as a companion in the garden or on walks in the woods and she is constantly in our thoughts as we go about our daily tasks.

'The death of a pet leaves a much bigger hole in the household than the space that they occupied in life.'
Monty Don  wrote in his book The Irvington Diaries.


  1. Everything looks lovely. Your Clematis look lovely and those Wallflowers are just gorgeous. Your vegetable garden looks like it has a whole lot going on. I don't know how you keep up with all the work that obviously goes on in your garden. It is sad to hear that you lost your beautiful Beth. That last photo is a real gem. It's so true ... that statement made by Monty. I don't think we fully realise just how much our pets have a hold on our hearts until they are gone.

  2. Thank you Bernie for your kind comments

  3. What a lovely suprise to see your newest posting and be able to take a stroll through your garden with you. There will always be a hole in my heart for Beth because she was so much a part of your garden.

    Love to all


  4. So sad for your loss of Beth!

  5. I was just searching for photos of Belle of Woking and came across your blog. What an inspiring garden! So glad to have found you. And my condolences on the loss of your sweet companion. I have two dogs that are always with me in the garden (or wherever I am--bathroom, kitchen, bedroom!) and I can't bare to think of the day when I will have to say goodbye.

  6. Hi Bell and Star how nice of you to comment. I just popped along to look at your blog looks very interesting and I will come back to look some more but as always too much to do.

  7. Being a gardener, we come across births and deaths again and again in both plant and animal kingdom. It's sad but it's alright.

  8. Hi Bangchik and Kakdah yes you are right it will be alright. How nice of you to comment I haven't been doing much garden blogging or visiting other garden blogs for so long - I seem to be so busy with my other blog Looking at Lyme Disease as well as advocacy connected with Lyme Disease, but I still find time to enjoy my garden

  9. Oh, what a lovely garden!
    Thank you for sharing it :)

    1. Kadee Many thanks I am pleased you enjoyed the garden.

  10. Such gorgeous photos of some beautiful flowers and garden...thanks for giving us a good look. I hope the pleasure of gardening will bring you some peace as you adjust to losing your faithful companion and friend.

  11. There is a Lyme petition at the following address:

    The petition will only be up until 2/10/13, and we need 25,000 signatures for the White House to review and respond.

    This is the best chance for raising Lyme awareness I have seen, so please spread the word!

  12. Richard Brooke-Powell20 February 2013 at 00:27

    My my what a brilliant garden you have and so you should be proud of it. love the photos .

    1. Hi Richard Thank you. I am pleased you enjoyed the garden.

      It is surprising what can be achieved once one has been restored to good health and life after getting long term antibiotics for chronic/Late Lyme Disease, I have been lucky to have found my GP open minded and willing to treat me because she could see the enormous improvements I have made on antibiotics a pity more doctors aren't so open minded - if the treatment works why would you not give the treatment?

      Take care Joanne