Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I couldn't have chosen a nicer day, the weather was perfect for a walk up Battlestone Hill. January is probably the only month I hadn't visited RHS Wisley so it was a treat to see what was on display.

Delightful Hellebores.

The Hamamelis were in full bloom, I am so pleased I was able to enjoy them.

The views were lovely with the low sun highlighting the Hamemelis amongst the mature trees.

Lots of buds on the Rhododendrons and Camellias so must be sure to return in February and March to see them at their best.

This was definitely the right day to enjoy the Daphne, the perfume pervaded the air as I walked around the hill.

Even the remains of Autumn foliage was interesting, these strange leaves of Magnolia Macrophylla like dirty handkerchiefs hung up to dry, behind the Hydrangea heads.

And these little treasures Aconites, not yet open.

I met the Galloping Gardener for a visit to the RHS Wisley Glass house to see the butterflies but as she had to gallop off, I stayed on and enjoyed a walk around the garden.

Do pop over to The Galloping Gardener blog and you can enjoy the Butterflies.


  1. Dear Joanne, The gardens look beautiful and what fun to meet Charlotte in a butterfly conservatory. I think you are having a birthday. Wishing you a Happy Happy Birthday!! Many Happy Healthy Returns!

  2. Thanks for posting this, it's inspired me to go and have a look as well. I've never walked up there in the winter - I usually go when the rhododendrons and camellias are out.
    When my kids were small, they used to love running up the hill to the big sculpture at the top, which they called The Ear. It was only years later I found out it was called Mother and Child or something.

  3. Hi Carol and Victoria nice of you to comment.

  4. Golly hellibores - mine are still only shoots but my Witchhazel is flowering its socks off. Flowers are such treasures at this time of year.
    Jo x

  5. Joanne, Happy Birthday! It is always so nice to have a glimpse of your English gardens and scenery from faraway Malaysia.

  6. Dear Joanna,
    In Poland we are still covered by the snow, so we have to wait for the first signs of spring until end of February. So it's so nice to see them in your photos,

  7. Thanks for your comments.

    Magda so pleased you can enjoy our earlier spring, I have a friend in Canada who also enjoys seeing our spring through my blog although I think she was getting fed up of waiting for me to blog as I have been so busy doing things connected with my Looking at Lyme Disease blog.

  8. Oh these are lovely photos on your blog here!

  9. I do wish my computer would tell me when you have added something to this blog

    It is so lovely to see plants that are green and dirt that is brown
    both of my gardens are still under about 2 feet of snow and we will get some more white stuff this weekend!

    Can hardly wait for spring. the seeds I ordered as a moral boost arrived today . . .

  10. Gorgeous . . . you know how much I love hellebores and hamamelis. I'm so glad you felt well and had the time to go see it.~~Dee

  11. Such gorgeous photos!

  12. I wish i can go there to see it myself one day. but too far :))