Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Yes I know it is now November but just had to post this farewell to the Autumn garden.

The Dahlias have been great at prolonging the flowering in this front border but have all been lifted now and stored in the garage for another year.

They have flowered for months and provided much colour in the garden and house.

Fuchsias are still flowering although last night's frost will no doubt bring the end of flowering.

Sophie's rose a present from my brother and sister in law has flowered throughout the summer even though this was her first year. She has such a deep and lovely colour and great perfume.

Rudbekias still flowering where the Delphiniums were it will be interesting to see how they both fare next year.

Hydrangeas still with autumn colour.

Ferns once again come into their own and this is a particularly nice one.

Wallflower have done well this year although I still need to plant them out.

The greenhouse is full to overflowing but many of the cuttings will be heading of to my daughters new garden when they are big enough.

So I have been busy in the garden although I have been neglecting my garden blog. Hopefully soon I will get round to visiting old friends in the garden blogging World. I have however have been very busy with my Looking at Lyme Blog link at the top right if anyone is interested in following up on either Lyme Disease or with ME/CFS quite fascinating research and developments going on at present.


  1. OK! I am exhausted looking at all these delicious photos Joanne. How do you manage to care for all these marvelous plants? What a wonderful way for your daughters garden to begin! I will have to check out your other site. Beautiful gardens!!! ;>)

  2. Joanne all looks beautiful in the garden

    I'm suffering from greenhouse envy.

    Was thinking about growing Dahlias again next year. All of a sudden I went off them, no real reason. They look wonderful over at your place.

    Please send me all your cuttings, you have too many, ha.

  3. Hi Carol thanks for your comment hope all is well with you I must pop over and see your lovely garden blog.

    Thanks Gardening in a Sand box for popping by I must make time to do more garden blogging it is so nice to get the interaction which I miss on my other blog although I know I get between 50-100 hits a day.

    Rob yes do try Dahlias again I also went off them but grew these from seed a year or so ago and they are huge tubars now if you weren't so far away I'd gladly pass some on. They actually flowered well in their first year and I do prefer them to the very big blowsy show stoppers for an informal garden.

  4. I really missed Dahlias this year, none came back. Now after seeing yours I know I have to try them again next year.
    Your garden looks beautiful and I'm so glad you posted some pictures of it.
    Do your fuchsias spread? I noticed that one of mine has been sending up shoots about 6 inches away from the main plant.

  5. Your garden is truly beautiful ~ a nice cottage/ country feel with lovely rambling plants. The dahlias are spectacular.
    Dianne xx

  6. Hope it all survives the winds and rain.


  7. So nice to see your newest garden blog post. What a lovely, lovely garden you have & your greenhouse is an inspiration! Your daughter is very fortunate to have a Mum with such prolific green thumbs.

  8. This is all wonderful. I love browsing around your place. I would love to see larger photos of your gardens and greenhouse.....

  9. I really love your garden, and I really admire your dedication and effort on it,it´s a pleasure for me to look at your photos,and an inspiration,thank you. besos. Lilián.-

  10. I cannot blame you for wanting to say a long goodbye to the Fall garden. I just hate to see the flowers gone. You have so many beautiful dahlias and fuchsia plants. Such a beautiful garden. And all of those pots of cuttings. You have been busy! Have a wonderful week.

  11. Hi, Joanne, I'm so glad to see your English garden. It is very beautiful. I miss you and Cheers!

  12. Good to see your colourful October garden Joanne. That gloriously packed to the gunnels greenhouse looks as if it could be a full time job :)

  13. Your garden is so wonderfully dense.

    It's all change from now on!