Tuesday, 13 July 2010


What a picturesque setting for this great if not the greatest garden show.

These are just a few of the small gardens.

After a while I realised that in fact what interested me with the gardens was the planting. Surprise surprise. The focal point in most of the gardens was usually some structure or folly mostly things I wanted to avoid taking photos of in preference for the plants.

See what I mean, although it would have been difficult to capture any of this lovely planting without including those ugly seats.
The other thing problematic at shows is the people, thousands and thousands like ants crawing everywhere. So to get any photos without people in was quite a feat in itself. I included the above plus people as it was something Rachel rather liked. I am not sure it would fit in her garden though.

Just the odd shot in the Marquees crowded as elsewhere. The day was so hot the hottest this year and really uncomfortable in or out of the Marquees.

I couldn't miss posting a photo of the roses.

or two.

And Rachel who accompanied me to the show, rather well covered due to the fact she is on Doxycycline which can have a very bad photosensitive reaction to sun. Yes some of you who follow my blogs have guessed, she had a tick bite recently and despite all my constant warnings she removed it incorrectly and as it had been attached probably about 24 hours we are not taking any chances. One member of the family with Lyme disease is more than enough.


  1. What a great show. I love the roses too.

    I hope Rachel will be fine after her tick bite.


  2. I do hope Rachel will do OK on Doxy!!

    Even though there were crowds of people you managed to get photos that did not have many people in them

    That takes real talent

  3. I enjoyed all of your photos very much. It's so interesting to checkout all of the details in planting: the colours, the textures, the combinations, and the variety of possibilities. You are fortunate to have so many great gardens and garden shows accessible to you.

  4. Your posts are always so super gorgeous..just wonderful! Beauty everywhere! Wonderful post!

  5. Oh no poor Rachel I hope she is okay - she looks fab!

    I LOVE the rust (the flowers and the iron double bed) and the tumble down shed, oh I like the look of that show. Thank you for sharing xx

  6. Hi Joanne

    I enjoyed these photos more than the beebs coverage! I mean it, you shown so much of the gardens than I think they did. I wish I could of gone but this is peak season for me.

    I hope Rachel is ok.

  7. It looks like great fun. Maybe someday. Yes, take no chances. We check ourselves over everyday in summer.~~Dee

  8. Hi Joanne, Those chairs really are hideous, LOL. I love the bedframe and the rusty flowers [different photo] My favorite photo is the one with the two-toned sweet pea obelisks. The thatched fencing is very cool and the green really complements the flowers.

    It's a good thing Rachel has you to help her understand the seriousness of the situation. She has my get well wishes.

  9. I'm so glad I didn't miss this post. I would love to see it in person one day. Thank you so much for the tour.
    Glad Rachel is on the antibiotic and I hope she'll be fine. I like her dress by the way, those "maxi dresses" are really popular here right now.

  10. Beautiful gardens and lovely roses... oh, and I love love Rachel's dress! ;)


  11. Glad you had a really great day despite the heat and the crowds.

  12. Hi Joanne, I agree ... I love the plantings... they are so lovely and natural. Wonderful post ... thanks for sharing this show. I have put a link to your site on my today's post. Still in my Lyme time. ;>)

  13. I know I'm a week late but o'well still didn't want to miss it. What a great show to go to. I'd love to come there and see a few of them in person some day. You took super pictures.

  14. Hi Joanne, I hope Rachel is OK. Thank you for sharing this garden show. I love the plantings too and how they are all so different and creative. Pity it was so crowded but at least it was crowded with garden lovers like us.

  15. Hi Joanne. You've got an incomparable garden. I love to personally seeing them with my family. And one more thing, my day isn't complete without roses. Don't you bothered by bugs?