Wednesday, 7 July 2010


This is the first time my Cornus Kousa Chinensis has flowered. She is a lovely tree and as mentioned in my last post seems to do better in a more shady spot than I have chosen, so suffers from the heat and needs to be watered regularly in our current hot dry weather. Her bracts didn't get pink tinges on the edges as I had expected not sure why not. Yes I know not the best photo but it does give an idea of what a lovely tree she is.

Delphiniums in the front border by the wall, not the most expected place to grow them but as I had some going spare and no where else to put them I decided to try them here. They have been lovely and very much admired by passers by.
Years ago when I had an allotment the guy who had the plot next to me was a Delphinium grower, he was well known for his plants and won lots of prizes for showing them. Can you imagine the joy of working next to half an allotment full of Delphiniums. Dreaming Spires I think was the name of one and that always comes to mind when I see Delphiniums. Bill Hancock was his name, I think and I remember him telling me that they were easier to grow in groups because they liked grit around them to keep the slugs off. He was quite right Delphiniums dotted in a mixed border rarely survive a second season if a first even, but grown in a group they are much easier to look after and look wonderful together.

A riot of colour or some such thing.

I am rather proud of my Hostas they look spectacular in large pots and they were grown from seed so even more satisfying. My one weakness is using slug pellets but the slugs and snails do win in the end. I have some in large galvanised buckets and wash bowls and they seem to be less prone to slug attack, unless I stupidly have them so close to other plants so that the slugs and snails slide across from the neighbouring plants. I think I have too many plants. Can you have too many?

I adore lilies but the Regale Lily is my favourite, you just can't beat that perfume. I grow them in pots so they can be placed near the house when they are at their best and the perfume wafts indoors, gorgeous.

My Delphinium bed in the back garden hasn't quite come into full bloom in this photo and now I have missed their best and the wind took a few stems down which we are enjoying indoors.

This is where I spend a lot of my time, I love taking cuttings and have been busy these last few days doing cuttings of Rambling roses and clematis, not that I have any room for more but my daughter may like some for her garden.

Yes a bit untidy in this photo, it was tidied a little more for the Galloping Gardener's visit but I confess it is back to it's untidy state again now. I really am running out of space wherever you look.


  1. Joanne, I like to see different parts of your garden, and you showed a lot today! Thank you for the delphinium tips. I don't have much success with them. Your hosta grown from a seed is beautiful! I like to put hosta in containers.All the best,

  2. Too many plants? Never! There's always some spot in a garden somewhere that needs plants. You certainly do have lots of cuttings on the go ... lots of potential pleasers.

    Your dels look beautiful clustered together in that bed ... and your Regale lily is simply gorgeous. I can only imagine the perfume.

  3. Beautiful ! I will have to get more than my two lone delphiniums to grow then, as that is all I have, not a grouping. thanks for the post, Gina

  4. Hi Joanne,

    Wow I love all the cuttings, I am so jealous you're so sucessful with them! I have little patience for following rules, so I'm a bit hard with my plants so if they don't survive then I give in!

    I love the Delphiniums too, so very pretty and I can imagine they look stunning in a vase.

  5. I love this! Beautiful greenhouse, plant cuttings propagating all over the place.... that's heaven to me!!! :)

  6. Hi Joanne,
    I always enjoy seeing what is happening in your garden-it is lovely as usual.
    I love delphiniums too and that is a good tip for growing them.
    You do well with your cuttings too.


  7. Joanne, I seem to be having a lot of problems making comments lately. I wrote one to you yesterday, but it went strange and I was not sure is you got it or not, maybe it is the heat, or maybe it is me in the heat.
    I love your kousa, I planted one for my mum when she died. It flowered the first summer, but has not the next two. I am wondering how long yours was planted before it flowered?

  8. Your delphiniums are such gorgeous plants. Those blue spires would look great from both sides of the wall. You've got quite the production line in your puttering about area by the greenhouse.

  9. Oh! to have a thumb as green as yours,and the artistic talent to take such beautiful pictures of garden.
    I do not think YOU could ever have too many plants! they must love you to thrive so well even in sunny spots when they realy like shade!

  10. Beautiful pics, just love the delphiniums. I planted them in my gardens about 4 years ago and have been lucky enough to only lose a few since then. I am jealous of your greenhouse - my dream someday! I don't know a lot about the whole cutting process but intend to learn one of these days. Just found your blog today - will definitely be back to visit!

  11. Joanne, I think it's lovely. Mine is a far cry from perfect nearly everyday. :) Happy Summer.~~Dee

  12. Thanks for all your comments. Deborah it was three years before my Kousa flowered.
    Hello Tracy thanks for joining me on my blog I will check yours out soon.

  13. your garden is looking wonderful Joanne, your border stunningly beautiful.