Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Wisteria is so wonderful it deserves a post to itself so here goes.

The Banksiae Banksiae Rose is in bud below and will make it's own display soon.

Mike works hard to train the Wisteria along the gutters and try and keep it from climbing under the roof tiles.

Peeping over the gutter, a view of the Wisteria from the bedroom window.

A final view from the bedroom window.
Mike said to me, you didn't really need to go all that way to Giverney when the Wisteria is so lovely at home.
Well of course we know better.
I so enjoyed seeing Monet's garden.


  1. That's a magnificent sight. Sounds like a bit of hard work keeping it under control, but what rewards! It certainly makes a stunning entrance to your home.

  2. So , so beautiful ! I bet it smells heavenly there ! Gina

  3. The massive wisteria completely transforms the sides of your house with those gorgeous blooms. (Now you just need to drape them over an arching bridge.)

  4. It certainly does deserve it's own post. I love how this beautiful plant transforms your home.

  5. What an awesome wisteria!
    My Auntie Toni had one growing up and around her home, but as she couldn't take care of it as well as your husband has taken care of yours (whatta guy!!) it got under her roof and made a mess. She had my son cut it down and the little nub that was left growing out of the ground has now taken off and grows beautifully. She said on a warm summers' day, she could watch it grow, it was so prolific!
    You have a lovely cottage :) What joy it must bring you!

  6. I agree Joanne and gave it one too, but mine is so different from yours. Yours is so striking falling down like a waterfall from high! Gorgeous!! Mike has quite a chore in keeping this beauty in check! Monet's garden is certainly a worthwhile trip but to come home to your wonderful garden must be a joy too!

  7. WoW!!!

    what a beautiful display

    may be you should be charging people to come and look at your garden

    you ( and Mike and Beth) manage to get such spectacular displays in your garden

  8. I don't know - you may give Monet a run for the money! Your wisteria is stunning, absolutely dripping with romance!

  9. Hi Joanne!
    I'm your new follower! I love your wisteria pictures, just beautiful! Hop over & visit me. I painted a wisteria awhile ago.

  10. For a couple of weeks each May, floral heaven!

  11. Wow! That is incredible! You must sit for days looking out your window. The smell must be heavenly as well!

  12. Your Wisteria is so beautiful and so much. I just love it! But then I love everything at your place Joanne.

  13. To think I mowed up all those wisteria vines spreading their way all over the lawn just today. Great work and trusting these very sprawling plants. I know of a small island on a lake where everything is covered in wisteria.

  14. Hi,

    In reading your blog you mention that sometimes you plant a rose in the same location of one you lost but plant in a cardboard box, can you tell me why you do this?