Tuesday, 25 May 2010


I decided to take my camera with Beth and I on our afternoon walk in the woods.

We have a choice right is pretty but a shorter walk.

So left it is in amongst the Cow Parsley which is still very beautiful and ethereal.

The three trees are still all there although one is dead and marked for the chop sadly.

Every direction you look is lovely.

Even the views through the leaf canopy to the sky are a delight.

Then into the field with a view back towards the way we came and the great Old Oak looking majestic.

Recently the idea is that this bit of common land is managed by only mowing a pathway through to walk, so that it encourages wildflowers. Great in principle but in reality as it is surrounded by houses, the children often play here.
With the deer and the pheasants in abundance this is such prime tick habitat and children are easy prey for ticks. Pheasants are competent hosts for Borrelia, Lyme disease and as the Clandon Park Estate which borders the woods breeds Pheasant. We are over run by them not just in the woods but in our gardens too. Who knows what percentage of the ticks will have Lyme Disease but I am not the only person diagnosed with Lyme Disease in this area.
The Hawthorn blossom is lovely it has not yet got it's pink blush so clearly not all pollinated yet. The pile of logs is to encourage stag beetles. I haven't ever seen any out here but each year we get them in our garden, they probably like the old logs left under the shrubs.

The lovely Oak tree beautiful whatever the weather, I bet it has some stories to tell.

Back up the track home.


  1. Oh how beautiful with everything blooming in the woods. A wonderful place to take a walk. I'm afraid I'd never want to come out from all the silence and beauty. The Oak tree is breathtaking. How grand he looks standing there!

  2. Beautiful walk in the woods, gorgeous photos ! Thanks so much, Gina

  3. Looks a most shady and tranquil spot to be on a hot afternoon Joanne :)

  4. Thanks for the great walk in the woods! I have heard of cow parsley but never seen it. I never dreamed it could be so beautiful in its native setting.

  5. perfect place for walkies :)

  6. What a beautiful area. I love the large old oak tree. What a great reminder to us all to make sure you are protected against ticks when you take a walk in the woods.

  7. I really enjoyed the walk in the woods. The scenery is breathtaking and the place look so clean and green. No wonder, Goldilocks got lost and Little Red Riding Hood was delayed while walking in the woods! The trees are so huge, especially the oak tree.

  8. Thank you for taking us along on your walk! I can imagine the scents from the woods, cow parsley and especially the hawthorn. I hope Beth enjoyed the walk as much as I did

  9. I have always loved how the British embrace and are enthralled with the beauty of nature. You can see it here in every single photo.

    Incredible beautiful ... almost surreal.

  10. How lucky to have such a pretty place to go on a walk. I love how lush and green it all is and that oak tree is just beautiful!

  11. A walk through that beautiful path is nice day out..., to cleanse mind, limbs and soul. The fallen log catch my eyes.., because in tropical jungles, it wise not to sit on dead logs. It is not always fallen tree, it could also be a very big snake!...

  12. The photos all have such a serene atmosphere with their theme of green and white. It looks like a tranquil place to walk.

  13. I will check out that wonderful rose and see if it is hardy in our region...it's lovely!

    Going on that walk with you I could almost smell the sweet fragrance of nature...what super pictures you took!