Thursday, 18 February 2010


Yesterday the weather was glorious and Mike and I with Rebecca and boyfriend Zion and Rachel went to visit Weald and Downland open air museum. The leading museum of historic buildings in England
Designated by the Government for its outstanding collections of national importance
Winner of the Museum of the Year, Community Museum of the Year and national awards for interpretation and education.
Set in 50 acres of beautiful Sussex countryside is a very special place to wander amongst a fascinating collection of nearly 50 historic buildings dating from the 13th to the 19th century, many with period gardens, together with farm animals, woodland walks and a picturesque lake.

I'll let the pictures tell their own story and for more information you can refer to the above link.

Rachel our eldest, I will get shot for posting this but as she rarely looks at my blog and so long as Rebecca doesn't tell her, I thought I'd get away with this photo.

Mike and Beth trying to get warm, shame about the electric fire I must figure how to brush it out.

Just a few herbs for sale for those gardeners who visit.
It was a lovely sunny day although very cold but very enjoyable we were lucky with the weather, it is back to rain again today.


  1. What a neat place. I love seeing the architecture of those old buildings. I really enjoyed the tour, I know that would be a type of place I'd have fun seeing in person too. Nice that Beth got to come along for the day too!

  2. Lovely photos you put here. I thought the roofs had given the true character of old buildings.... ~bangchik

  3. What a great trip through history. I'd love to see it some day.

  4. the same thing with a Swiss accent
    I like that the Swiss open air museum of old buildings is also keeping the crafts alive. Yes they don't earn a living, they do it as a hobby, for fun, but there is a real woman weaving.

  5. What a wonderful place to have visited. I appreciate you letting the photos speak for themselves. It reminds me of a trip we made to a recreated village in Bunratty, Ireland.

  6. Wonderful museum...The house on the mushroom supports was great....I sure like indoor plumbing. gail

  7. Oh that made me nostalgic! I so miss England. I have to come back and visit one day soon! Lovely photos.

    Psst...I won't tell Rachel~!

  8. Hi Joanne~~ This looks like an adventurous way to spend the day. The countryside is beautiful.

  9. Oh oh oh, the money ball shot at the end, Joanne was icing on the cake! I loved these old buildings and especially the tools lined up inside and the gent in such formal attire. A nice trip for you and your family and dear Beth. I did not even notice that electric heater if you had not mentioned it. It reminds us of Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia where they have recreated life in early America, complete with people in costume to explain their craft in the shops. So fun to learn about life back then.

  10. Wow..what a super fun and enchanting post! Gorgeous sceneries and treasures..brilliant!
    So Lovely!

  11. What a lovely way to spend a day
    I am so glad that the old buildings as well as their contents are being saved
    please thank Mike and Beth for allowing their photos to be taken!
    We have Fort Edmonton that is similar but of course different!!
    Still too cold to go there!

  12. Your pictures reminds me of the English countryside that I view from the TV and movie screen and I used to imagine these scenes when I read Charles Dickens. Very nostalgic, especially the picture of a classroom (?) with blackboard and the words farthings, penny, shillings and pounds on it.

  13. What a fantastic place to go spend the day. I feel honored that you thought of me when you were there although I haven't figured out why. Maybe because I do Vintage Thingies Thursday and love all the old stuff? Thank you anyway.

  14. Hello from a new follower.
    I am meaning to go to the Weald and Downland Museum as soon as the weather turns nicer, as my daughter is doing "The Tudors" at school.

    I am doubly keen now I know they sell herbs !

  15. That's one place I really wanted to visit when I was in England ... but didn't make it! Thanks so much for the tour ... photos were fabulous.

  16. Fabulous Photo's, I want to go there now as that's my kind of photography. Your daughter's hair is lovely, but don't tell her or she'll know you posted a sneaky photo of her !!!!!
    I love the recent post as well your old photo's are great.