Friday, 15 May 2009


The President can speak for himself. I expected big things but even so he has excelled himself. I am hopeing his namesake will be as successful.

Some of his friends are also doing as well.

Nelly Moser

Marie Boisselot



HF Young


  1. So uber jealous, they are truly gorgeous no wonder you couldn't help taking so many photos - beautiful.

  2. Hi Joanne, well, both presidents are doing quite well. Your vine is massive! They all look lush and healthy, lot's of rain your way? It has certainly made for a good year here too. :-)

  3. Clematis is one of my favorits. Loveley photos.

  4. Joanne, you have such beautiful clematis. I bet it looks so pretty walking through your garden. I just got a call from the nursery to say they are holding 'Josephine' for me :)
    I think my 'Nelly Moser' is going to finally bloom for me this year!

  5. Hi Joanne
    Your clematis amaze me!
    They are gorgeous

  6. Hi Joanne,

    Welcome back home. I hope you had a great week and a wonderful time at the wedding. Hope your dad is doing well.
    Beautiful clematis here! thanks for sharing the pics.

    I think I may have found the coveted geranium I was lusting after. I saw it in many gardens on my morning walks when I was last in England. I was away in Victoria at the weekend and went to a favourite nursery there (a rare occasion as it is out of the way). It also has rare plants, and I saw this low Cranesbill with a label which looks exactly like the one I devoured in England. It is already planted and I am keeping my fingers' crossed. When it is daylight I will read the label and let you know! :) I also purchased another low growing one which was very intriguing also.

    In a day or so, I hope to have my weekend in Victoria up on my blog, as the Butchart gardens were so incredible this Spring. I know I am going to have a hard time eliminating pictures to put up on my blog.

    Anyhow, glad you are back home safely.

    Take good care, Enjoy the summer! I believe the north west is going thought a cold spell right now. I talked to my friend today on the Wirral!

  7. The President and Nelly Moser are two of my real favourites and grow so well and the flowers are gorgeous.

  8. Carrie why not try one or two on your allotment I always enjoyed flowers when I had mine infact the one next to me grew Delphiniums for show it was like gardening in heaven. He also grew pinks and the perfume was also just as intoxicating.

    Francis Yes it does sound so. Not that I am prejudiced but I do hope the President does something for Lyme Disease it is a medical scandal of epic proportion. Good news that Conneticut passed their Lyme Bill and hopefully the Bill before the Senate will be just as successful.

    Signe Glad you enjoyed them.

    Catherine Yes it is easy to enjoy the clematis and not look down at the ground elder. Hope Josephine does well for you and fingers crossed Nelly Noser flowers.

    Alison my fellow Canadian Lymie how goes your new treatment? Hope you enjoyed your holiday looking forward to some photos you will have to start blogging especially now the gardening season is about to begin. BTW go visit my friend Pauline from Roses at Wedgewood house and garden she visits in your area Edmondton.

    Pauline What a warm welcome. I did have a good trip and have some photos to post from Dad's garden in time. I'm looking forward to your next post. I will also look forward to seeing the geranium and hearing it's name, be funny if it is the one Mary gave me. Yes it was as always a bit chilly North, we have at last been having a bit of rain here in Surrey but more would be good.

    Hermes Yes They are good performers but can take a year or two to get gowing. I used to prefer the late flowering vitacella types because they perform well even as new plants but now I am not so sure. I suppose the tendancy is to enjoy what is flowering at that time. I just replaced some clematis I lost so I am back up to nearly 50 again 48 I think to be precise. So hopefully more photos to come I may get a bit of a bore on this subject.

  9. All of them look so happy to be in your garden. I can't grow clematis to save my life. I love to look at it though. Yours are gorgeous!

  10. Heather glad you enjoyed them.

  11. Joanne your Clematis' are doing so wonderful. I just love all of them. I want to get so many more.
    Sorry I'm late getting here - we've finally been having some great gardening weather so I've been outside. Headed out again right now!

  12. RainGardener You can never have too many clematis in a garden.

    I watched the preview of Chelsea flower show tonight and thought when it showed the Clematis stand that although quite nice to see many together you can't beat seeing them growing naturaly in a garden amongst lots of other plants. Even in mine when the bindweed creeps in or should I say runs, it's worse than a Russian vine.