Monday, 18 May 2009


You may have gathered from earlier posts that I am quite fond of Hostas. The all green ones were grown from seed from my Dad's Sieboldii. I have so many in pots and not really enough room for them. The black half drum was in the way so I decided to get Mike to make another small bed. I know it won't be more than a year or so before the hostas outgrow their space but I will enjoy for now. I have Agapanthus on the left and the white Primula Seiboldii Snowflakes ( interesting different spelling Seiboldii from the Hosta) Also Cowslips grown from seed.
Candelabra Primrose, Primula Beesiana. I have wanted to grow these for some years but haven't really a damp site for them so we will see how we get on.

These two photos should not be shown they were taken a little late in the evening towards the light but I just wanted to illustrate how nice that from the bench I am sitting on after planting the purple acer by the new little bed I noticed how nice it looked with the Prunus Persica tree also being similar in colour. I then decide to put a pot another cherry in the right hand corner and they balance out beautifully. This potted cherry was a sucker that had run under someone's fence into the common I walk the dog in. One day realising it would get chopped by the cutter I went and dug several out it was hard work but I potted them out and now have two little trees for free. Now please don't look down too much because I know I need to have a good tidy and again close investigation shows more ground elder. These beds have not been weeded in several years apart from the odd very obvious weeds that I could reach to pull without too much effort.

These next three photos are variegated hosta names unknown that I have split and divided over many years. They look so lovely in their old wash tubs along the back terrace. I see the slugs have already had a meal though.

This last Siebaldii on the front doorstep looks lovely in it's pot and is doing so well but sorry about the clutter around it. Mike was so fed up of loosing tools he has sprayed them yellow good idea but looks awful. I don't mind the odd garden implement in photos but not with yellow spray.