Friday 24 June 2022


Lots going on in the garden despite the rampant ground elder and bindweed.

I put weed suppressant and bark chip in this little border it helps but as you can see doesn't stop either ground elder of bindweed. These three hebes were cuttings taken from Marjory Fish hebe. 

The poppies were a welcome sight but when they dry a bit more I will take them out to make room for the dahlias which are very slow growing this year.

This is a little corner near the back door which I tried to make a little more private now we have new neighbours who enjoy their garden

The back terrace rather full especially as the hostas have done so well by using copper pipe under the pots.

A view back along the terrace

The Regale lilies are doing remarkably well and still no red lily beetle thanks to garlic spray.

The variegated hosta are not doing so well and overrun by weeds doesn't help.

This is another border where I put weed suppressant and bark chip and it's saved so much work the agapanthus nearly all have flower heads so fingers crossed they will look lovely soon.

This is such a lovely tree Eucryphia lucida 'Pink Cloud

Red Clematis Rebecca with Prince Charles above in blue.

Cecile Brunner

Lovely pink Blush Rambler with a Sanders white in next doors apple tree. 

Cottage Rose 


You get the idea of the extent of the uncontrolled weeds.

and again in this corner

This New Dawn has been nurtured for many years from a cutting but this year it has excelled partly because the neighbours laurel was cut back hard.

Although this part of the garden has an abundance of roses and herbaceous plants it really is the vegetable garden

This overgrown path has actually just been tidied up.

Tomato plants have really struggled this year and I am not sure why.

This is my idea of cutting back on taking cuttings but they are reducing.

A bit of fun taking cuttings of elderberry and the purple one. I don't often take softwood cuttings these were a bit late and the weather has been very hot but standing the pots in mushroom trays and the water bottles without bottoms fitted like a glove over the tray and made a wonderful cold frame keeping moisture in and these rooted in a very few weeks.

This area renamed the dell was the first area I covered in weed suppressant and bark chip this year I added more bark chip and in general it has been successful.

I grow sweet peas in old half barrels and placed by the hedge helps to keep them a bit sheltered from the sun.
So the reason for the 'Lost gardens of Merrow' is self evident we are really struggling this year to keep in control but despite the weeds there's still lots of flowers and plants to enjoy.

The reason we are struggling with the garden is partly age but also health. I was diagnosed last year with Triple Negative Breast cancer treated and chemo but found in December it had metastasised in my lung.


  1. Weeds or otherwise I see only a beautiful & well loved garden. Nx

  2. Your garden is a paradise to the eyes and soul
    I think weeds are there at the bequest of the garden so that you stay there and look after the wonders you have created over the years.