Wednesday, 20 May 2020


Today at Joanne's cottage garden. The roses are already making a wonderful show.
Tonight I watered and closed the greenhouse for the night about 7.00 hours and heard the sound of the cuckoo in the woods nearby, what a delight.

How lucky we are to have the woods nearby and the extra bird song we hear because of  living so near to the woods.

Rambling Rector makes a good screen on this trellis and is just peeping into flower alongside Cornelia and hiding top left a lovely clematis William Kennett. This is a cutting taken years ago but it still struggles to grow despite me accidentally chopping bits off it.

Crocus rose  such a beauty small in height compared to many other shrub roses but the perfume is divine.

Crocus rose.

Sweet Juliet 

Mayor of Casterbridge


Clematis Carnaby

Clematis Rebecca on the right with Cornelia rose and on the left Clematis Mrs N Thompson. Incidentally the public footpath notice came out of the council rubbish, so acquired legitimately.


  1. Love your garden spaces and all of the birds singing is a real delight. Your roses speak to my heart. Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

    1. Hi Thank you yes the bird song is always a delight, I sometimes take it for granted but several people have commented that we seem to get more birds and song here than elsewhere, even one lady who lived only a few meters away, we decided it was most likely the proximity to the woods. We also get an array of butterflies including specked woods which clearly is because of proximity to the woods. Shame we can't share rose smell on our blogs, there's nothing quite like it for lifting the spirit.

  2. Rambling Rector is my top favourite rose even though there are few places where it can safely and sensibly grow. It's incredibly pretty and its scent is fantastic.
    Public footpath notices are attractive but in their usual context annoying because they rarely say where the footpath leads to.
    Not sure if you know I moved from Dorset to Halifax. There was a hiatus while I recovered from Leukaemia but I am now back to blogging at Loose and Leafy in Halifax (not the old Loose and Leafy in Dorset) with a new URL -

    1. Hi Lucy so sorry to hear about your health problems and pleased you are recovered and back blogging I will make a point of visiting your new blog asap. Nice to hear from you take care.