Tuesday, 11 June 2019


Don't you just adore Delphiniums? As always I jumble things together in my garden such that what is supposed to be my Delphinium bed has to compete with Sanders White rose on the trellis behind and two clematis, all obligingly flowering late so as not to spoil the delphinium show. On the left of this small border is a Gleditsia tree and on the right an old cooking apple tree with variegated box along the front. As always the dreaded columbine and ground elder invades everywhere but I can ignore that with these beauties flowering.
The Delphiniums were grown from seed many years ago, over the years cuttings and seeds grown from the original plants have helped fill in any gaps. Delphiniums are best grown together in their own bed so it is easier to protect from being devastated with slugs and snails.

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  1. Joanne, your delphiniums look adorable. A few years ago I had a small plantation of them but unfortunately they were devastated with snails..I didn't protect them proper so I was a bit afraid to buy new seeds because I can make this mistake again and lose both money and time. However, I decided to try one last time and I bought these ones https://gardenseedsmarket.com/blue-siberian-larkspur-chinese-delphinium.html which are the Chinese variety of Delphiniums. They colour is fabulous and looks exactly as in the pictures! It is very similar to yours but a bit more intensive. Are you thinking about other colours of Delphiniums? Pink would look amazing in your garden!