Sunday, 12 June 2011


Belle of Woking looking lovely here, it has a slight grey mauve tinge which does not weather well and looks like a mop on a stick as it dies off.

I have been so busy gardening and enjoying the Clematis that I forgot to take photos when they were at their best how remiss of me. Above is Mrs N Thompson loving a dark corner near the arch and gate.

Rebecca was given to me by it's namesake my daughter and only added to my collection early this spring it has been a magnificent specimen flowering profusely in it's first season one very well worth adding to a collection and again seems to be happy in a shady spot.

Sorry about the bedraggled Josephine but it has flowered profusely and desrves a better photo but there are many posted on earlier blogs of clematis.

Sunset looking the best ever this year with quite a number of blooms, but I planted it some ten years ago and it has really struggled even though it gets fed and watered in the same way as other plants.

This is a real treasure William Kennett, I lost the original plant possibly too hot and dry where I planted it but this was a successful cutting which is coming into it's own.

I think this is Vit. Etoille Violette under the front window.

Mamori an unusual name and one I often forget but isn't the internet clever and here was a link I found from spelling it incorrectly