Sunday 12 June 2011


Belle of Woking looking lovely here, it has a slight grey mauve tinge which does not weather well and looks like a mop on a stick as it dies off.

I have been so busy gardening and enjoying the Clematis that I forgot to take photos when they were at their best how remiss of me. Above is Mrs N Thompson loving a dark corner near the arch and gate.

Rebecca was given to me by it's namesake my daughter and only added to my collection early this spring it has been a magnificent specimen flowering profusely in it's first season one very well worth adding to a collection and again seems to be happy in a shady spot.

Sorry about the bedraggled Josephine but it has flowered profusely and desrves a better photo but there are many posted on earlier blogs of clematis.

Sunset looking the best ever this year with quite a number of blooms, but I planted it some ten years ago and it has really struggled even though it gets fed and watered in the same way as other plants.

This is a real treasure William Kennett, I lost the original plant possibly too hot and dry where I planted it but this was a successful cutting which is coming into it's own.

I think this is Vit. Etoille Violette under the front window.

Mamori an unusual name and one I often forget but isn't the internet clever and here was a link I found from spelling it incorrectly


  1. You have a fabulous collection of clematis. I think I like your Rebecca and the Vit. Etoille Violette the best.

  2. An impressive collection indeed! Love everyone of them.

  3. Have just eliminated our Belle of Woking. I could see it might look nice in the right place - but the front of our house was not it. The flowers looked like soggy tissues someone had flung against the wall.

    Was thinking a William Kennett might make a good replacement but, reading your text, I realise it would be too dry there.

    Is there a yellow clematis which would thrive in dry ground which is in shadow for much of the day but when the sun comes round it blazes and glares with heat. Do you know?


  4. Hi Esther the only yellow clematis I know of are such as Tangutica so unless you can accommodate something that grows to nearly 15 feet I would maybe go for a different colour. I have found some of the large early flowering varieties such as Niobe, Mrs N Thompson or my recent aquisition Rebecca seem to do well in some considerable shade with just a short sunny spell.
    I am not sure any clematis like it dry round their bottoms and I do help most of mine out with extra water particularly in their early years or during a drought. I think some of my early casualties were because i'd planted them in an open site where the sun scorched them. These days I have so many climbers around my boundries that clematis are in a much better and more natural environment and do quite well even at the foot of a wall where it is dry but as I say I do make a point of helping out in drought conditions and early in the season.

  5. Beautiful Clematis collection, all my fave colours. Especially like the white and purple ones.

  6. I have just discovered your site - what a delight! Now I'm going hunting for a William Kennett. I have Belle of Woking over the kitchen door entwined with a New Dawn rose and a honeysuckle. I really like her but had to laugh and agree with your description of her appearance in old age.

    Deer ticks are a real problem for our terrier in the woods around us. We, (humans, not the dog!) always walk with trousers tucked firmly into socks whatever the weather. I sometimes meet other walkers in shorts and open-toe shoes and advise them to check for ticks. They usually look at me as though I am nuts.

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  8. I stumbled upon your blog today ...only to find one of my favorite things...the climatis. I have admired them for years and this year I finally planted some in my yard.

  9. What beautiful clematis! I love seeing your collection, They are quite addicting, aren't they?!

  10. Such pretty flowers! I wish they'd grow in my tropical garden.

  11. They are still most beautiful to look at even in the fall. I can't wait for spring!