Friday, 25 June 2010


Dawn chorus from my bedroom window in early June to listen to whilst enjoying my June roses.

The only thing missing is the heady perfume of the roses.

Sir Edward Elgar

Aviateur Bleriot

Goldfinch changes colour from salmon/gold to pale yellow


Cottage Rose

Charles de Mills

Sweet Juliet

Mayor of Casterbridge

Unknown rose with no perfume but always flowers profusely.

Sophie's Rose

Jayne Austin

Unknown rose a cutting from my mother in law.

New Dawn


Unknown rose

Rosa Galica Officinalis

Cecile Brunner



Francine Austin

White Flower Carpet

Rosa Mundi

Francis E Lester

Mayor of Casterbridge

Blush Rambler


Rambling Rector

New Dawn cutting.

The Garland

Rambling Rector from the other side next to the compost heap. Rather a nice way to hide the compost and the perfume from the rose and the Honeysuckle is wonderful.

A sideways view of the vegetable area which is actually where most of my roses are, looking across to the backdrop of the woods.