Friday, 25 June 2010


Dawn chorus from my bedroom window in early June to listen to whilst enjoying my June roses.

The only thing missing is the heady perfume of the roses.

Sir Edward Elgar

Aviateur Bleriot

Goldfinch changes colour from salmon/gold to pale yellow


Cottage Rose

Charles de Mills

Sweet Juliet

Mayor of Casterbridge

Unknown rose with no perfume but always flowers profusely.

Sophie's Rose

Jayne Austin

Unknown rose a cutting from my mother in law.

New Dawn


Unknown rose

Rosa Galica Officinalis

Cecile Brunner



Francine Austin

White Flower Carpet

Rosa Mundi

Francis E Lester

Mayor of Casterbridge

Blush Rambler


Rambling Rector

New Dawn cutting.

The Garland

Rambling Rector from the other side next to the compost heap. Rather a nice way to hide the compost and the perfume from the rose and the Honeysuckle is wonderful.

A sideways view of the vegetable area which is actually where most of my roses are, looking across to the backdrop of the woods.


  1. Heaven! Heavenly!! Beyond that...

    Pure Bliss, period.

    Wish I were walking through with you....

    aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz / Bay Area Tendrils

  2. There all lovely but I love Vielchenblau and Francis E Lester.

    The colour and form of Jayne Austin is special. Like your structures by the way.

  3. Breathtakingly beautiful!!! You are so blessed with your lovely, peaceful surroundings.


  4. Oh Joanne, these are beautiful. I so miss having roses, my garden is very shady, (which I appreciate on a hot day), you have so many beautiful ones.

  5. What a treat! Your roses are adorable and I so enjoyed looking at them seeing that most of them are new to me. A marvellous collection!

  6. oh wonderful! I'm impressed .. ... ja want to be a bee

    beautiful garden, I hope the spring here:)

  7. Oh Joanne, your roses are beautiful. What a sight they must be in person and the aroma must be heavenly. There are so many I love in your garden Mayor of Casterbridge, Sir Edward Elgar, Charles de Mills' Sweet Juliet and Jane Austin. Gorgeous!

  8. Such a great collection of beautiful roses ... your garden must look fabulous! I'm rather partial to the white roses ... but I do so love the Jayne Austin. The aroma in your vegie garden must be amazing! Loved your birdsong accompaniment too ... what a great idea!

  9. Simply sublime, Joanne! What a way to enjoy roses, from an upstairs window, thanks for sharing it. Charles de Mills wants to come live with me!

  10. Well that was fun, playing pick my favourite rose, but it wasn't easy, and I kept changing my mind. Mayor of Casterbridge and Jane Austin are especially pretty, with those full blossoms and extra petals. Francine Austin looks beautiful with the bellflowers, while Aviateur Bleriot makes a wonderful arch entryway. Then Cornelia packs so many flowers onto it.

    The roses look super all around and in the vegetable garden.

  11. What a lovely selection of roses you have. The unknown one might be Gertrude Jekyll

  12. Thanks for all your comments.

    Patientgardener thanks for your suggestion, difficult to see on the photo but it is not as big as Gertrude Jekyll and that is a name I would have remembered, however today I found a label whilst weeding around the rose with Perdita on although DA says Perdita has an apricot tinge and this certainly does not. I definitely have not got a Perdita anywhere else in the garden so the mystery continues.

    I have known labels to be wrong and even saw Rasa Gallica Officinalis mislabeled as something quite different on a DA stand at Hampton Court RHS show. Also I bought a Felecia which turned out to be Cornelia the difference in flower size being quite destinctive.

  13. Joanne, my dear. What a treat! I've been impressed before with your gardening prowess but this post is just beyond words. I love every single rose. What a joy it must be to bury your nose in them.

    Rosa gallica officinalis: I didn't know it was a semi. I love the yellow center and that color is stupendous. Vielchenblau is so unique in color for a rose. What a treasure. Your photo of Cecile Brunner reminds me of mine. I took it out because the arbor that supported it...didn't any longer. It was a sad day. I still miss those spicy/sweet blossoms.

    Love your perfectly clipped box hedges. Roses are way prettier than veggies anyway.

    Thank you for a fabulous peak inside your outstanding garden.

  14. Hi Grace
    Your comments reminded me that I should point out that Rosa Gallica Officinalis, as with Charles de Mills and Rosa Mundi all send out shoots around the main plant, these come true to the plant and can be used to start off yet another plant. However I have moved Rosa Gallica Officinalis and have found that even years later the original roots left behind are still sending up shoots, so a word of warning to be careful where you plant them.

    As to Cecile Brunner, Grace, what a pity you had to loose it because it takes so wonderfully easy from a cutting, mine are bushes not climbers and came from cuttings from a neighbour Christina, who has since died, so a lovely reminder of her. I have taken many other cuttings since and they have been passed along to friends and visitors.

  15. Wow, so many roses in the garden, it must smell heavenly everywhere you go here. What a lovely rose garden, Joanne.

  16. Joanne your roses are beyond beautiful! I really hope one day I'll have more space to grow roses in. I loved listening to the birds, what a difference in the amount when you have so many trees around for the birds to sit in and sing. We have on little Towhee that has been singing to us since the very beginning of Spring.

  17. Oh Joanne, Your rose passion is overwhelmingly inspiring! I did fine New Dawn this year... planted and protected it from the rabbits. Your garden is stunning ... what a treat to see, while listening to your bird calls and songs. I do so miss them here now that August is upon us. Gorgeous!!

  18. It is probably way too long ago to be posting to this one.....but here I go anyway. Love your photos, what kind of a camera do you use? The then (2010) unidentified pink rose. Could it be Constance Spry? Looks similar to one I had in my old garden.

    Lisa in Bellingham, WA

    1. Hi Lisa never too long to post and it is easier these days to find comments on old posts as they come up on dashboard. Actually i enjoyed looking at this post again especially now there are not so many roses in flower being September. Interesting that you suggest Constance Spry I must look into that a little further thank you.

      These days I spend far too much time following the research and developments with Lyme Disease and doing my other blog so don't get nearly enough time to have fun with this garden blog but I still enjoy the garden although there are as always too many jobs to keep up with.

    2. Oh and it is a Canon Powershot G10