Wednesday 28 April 2010


A celebration of Blossom greeted me as I looked down the garden today. The Cherry tree outside the kitchen window had finally blossomed although we did wonder if it was going to this year as it was so slow to flower. We never pruned it last Autumn which we usually do and so the flowers were even more spectacular than usual. It is a large tree for near the house so does need to be kept in hand.

Don't you just want to bury your face in all those lovely flowers.

Prunus Persica a small but delightful tree.

An espalier eating apple tree left to grow as a tree because the wall is far too low to have trained it along. This was in the garden when we moved here 30 years ago and it has the most delicious apples if we get them before the bees do.

These lovely flowers are on the Cooking apple tree. Again it is meant to be an espalier but I moved it from a north facing low wall to this site and have allowed it to just grow as a tree with lots of pruning.

You can see the size of the Cherry tree and why it needs to be pruned hard. It does make a lovely natural shade to sit under in the Summer though.

Heavenly Blossom.

Like lots of little faces.

I really had to wallow in all it's glory.


  1. Hi! Those blooms are stunningly gorgeous..what a beautiful gift of nature..and you are so lucky to be surrounded by such magnificent beauty!! Wonderful post!

  2. Your cherry tree is simply beautiful ... it's just loaded with stunning blooms. I can imagine it would be a lovely spot to sit under! I love the shot of the Prunus with the house behind ... such a pretty picture. Your garden must be an absolute joy to spend time in right now.

  3. It would be hard to pack any more blossoms onto that lovely cherry tree. The flowering fruit trees make a nice canopy over your garden, including the ones that didn't want to be confined to a wall.

  4. Wallow a little longer just for me please! They are so beautiful!!!


  5. OMG your trees are spectacular!!!!! Yes, bury face in them. I don't know that I've seen any loaded with that many blooms. I'm close to speechless!!! LOL

  6. I'm as green as your Lyme green trug!!
    they have threatened us with wet snow tonight! That after temps of 24+ last week!!

  7. They are absolutely beautiful!! I would grow a cherry tree just for that spectacle once a year! Wow.
    Thanks for your lyme info-we are trying to get ahold of this before it gets any worse. I appreciate your knowledge, and I'm glad you are better. : ) HOlly

  8. Oh I just love flowering fruit trees! Ours have stopped blooming and are now setting fruit.

  9. aloha joenne,

    wow, wow, wow! its so fantastic and they are just loaded down with blooms, its amazing - thank you for sharing your blooms today - i also love the apple blooms too!

  10. Absolutely stunning! You have so much beauty to take in right out your back door! Lovely!

  11. Wow you have so many gorgeous blossoms! The cherry flowers look so soft. That really is a huge tree. Our apple tree didn't have too many blooms this year, so I'll enjoy yours instead.

  12. Breathtakingly beautiful.
    Such an intense concentration of blossom I haven't seen before. Do your reckon everything is more exuberant this year?
    And your pictures are so clear.
    The hosta is so profuse as well.
    A delightful post. Thank you.
    Hope the antibiotics are making you feel better by now.

  13. Stunning Joanne! I have a similar problem with having shrubs and trees too near the house or barn and must prune... how lovely to see it stretching out and being itself! Yes I would love to bury my face in those blooms!

  14. Joanne, now that I have found the real bloomng prunus blossoms, I have updated my post by linking your post to mine which is titled, "Auspicious Plants for Chinese New Year" posted in Jan 2010. Hope you don't mind and thank you very much :)

  15. Thank you Autumn Belle I am honoured and will op back to look at your post although I do think I remember seeing it.