Sunday, 6 April 2014


Mike with his new puppy Meg, a surprise present from the family which brought tears to his eyes.

Meg not too sure about this strange place.

Meg already found a nice cushion and a place to hide.

Mike and Meg already good companions.

                                       Meg's Mum, what a lovely natured mum she was too.

                                                                Mum and pups

                           All four pups two boys and two girls, couldn't you just have had them all.

Sunday, 16 February 2014


After all the rain, at last the sun came out today and despite the weeks of heavy rain the crocus still manged to raise their pretty heads and open in the sunshine. From just a few clumps when we moved here 30 years ago the crocus have self seeded and spread throughout the garden. Over the years I have added a number of hybrid crocus but few remain just the self seeding ones.

I went into the garden to prune the clematis. Garden writer Margery Fish says to prune clematis on 14th February. I have tried various times to prune late flowering clematis but have found her advice to be sound. If pruned too early as I have done in the past, I have ended up with late flowers while still enjoying early summer blooms but only to find the season of flowering curtailed.

 I decided to add the Blogger search bar to my side column and have been having fun looking back at earlier posts - a search for clematis shows this  I had forgotten I had done so many posts on clematis, this post is one before I learnt how to tweak the photos so they are presented larger.

 But this is the way to see photos of Clematis on this post  Of course my first trip out to garden in 2014 left me so spoilt for choice - what to do, clematis first, but oh that shrub needs a prune too. The greenhouse cuttings needed watering and dead stems removed from Lilies and Agapanthus, which I over winter in the greenhouse.

 I had forgotten I had moved some snow drops to this little pond area where I grow hostas. So it was a nice surprise to see them in flower although my photography did not do them justice.

  A bit of weeding and tidying led me around the paths only to notice some Delphiniums are sprouting and in need of rescue from slugs. I have been meaning to move a couple of Delphiniums that grow into the apple tree, so now was as good a day as any. I was surprised the roots were only about 15-20 cms deep especially as these Delphiniums grow 7ft tall ( do you like my mixture of metric and imperial, I still struggle to use just metric must be the dressmaker in me). So more weeding around the Delphiniums and slug pellets and cloches, to help protect the early growth. Here's an earlier post with Delphiniums

Hellebores are doing well this year and are always a welcome addition to spring flowers especially as the bracts add colour for so long.

Another little pond area in the front garden with a few more snowdrops we can enjoy seeing as we enter and leave the house.

 Here are a few more snowdrops edging the path to the water barrel.

Another shot of the wayward crocus in the front garden.

More Hellebores border the drive.

Just a few spring flowers on the door step.

I also started my tomatoes, peppers and cucumber off in seed trays which I start off indoors to germinate and then move to cooler places as they grow. I was really had by Sutton seeds 5 seeds in a packet of peppers 5!! what are they playing at and how did I miss reading that on the packet. I like to have about two dozen plants I would have done better by just taking seeds out of last years peppers, I'll never learn.

So 5 hours gardening was a really good start for 2014 and resting at the computer playing with photos and my garden blog a nice way to round the day off.

Happy gardening.

Monday, 23 December 2013


Wishing all my friends a Happy Festive Season - no we haven't had snow, this is an old photo to get into the spirit but hoping we don't get any of this white stuff!

Just a project that kept Mike and I busy in the summer heat when gardening was not an option.

I think we enjoyed making it as much as our Granddaughter seems to be enjoying playing with it.

Just to show life isn't all about Gardening and Lyme Disease Advocacy.

2013 has been an eventful year for advocacy, research and awareness of Lyme Disease one day we will get better testing, diagnosis and treatment but meanwhile knowledge is important so we can protect ourselves and fight for treatment that helps us despite the ignorance of the science from our Health Authorities. See my other blog

Happy and Healthy 2014 to all.

Saturday, 27 July 2013


Out into the back garden through the hanging baskets in the porch.

A view along the terrace.

and a view back.

A backwards glance going down the first lot of steps

The Hosta bed before it was ravaged by slugs and snails

A glance up at the roses and clematis on the fence along the terrace.

A Carpinteria California shrub a lovely evergreen shrub for a sunny protected corner.

Rose Vielchenblau with the woods in the background a lovely borrowed landscape.

A shady corner at it's best in spring and early summer.

A new arch to replace the ones mike used to make now we are neither of us getting any younger plus stone dog in memory of Beth very much missing in the garden.

Cornelia rose and Francine Austin rose both flowering much better attached to stakes.

Most of the photos are a glance back because the sun is in front of me and so not so easy to get a good shot down the garden.

The Delphiniums have been lovely but some very very tall so must split and re plant next year. Broad beans in the right hand bed.

Runner and climbing beans just starting to get going, with Sweat Juliet rose on the left, so large we tie it into a tripod.

A view across the bottom of the garden with the Gleditsia on the right.

Rose Francis E Lester such a delight and making an even more beautiful display in my neighbours apple tree behind.

The lower arch fell apart but as the Gleditsia trees make their own arch we decided not to replace this one. Rambling Rector rose on the right.

Tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

My potting and nursery area.

Back up the garden to the middle steps with Rose Aviater Bleriot.

Sunday, 14 July 2013


Welcome to Joanne's Cottage garden

The tail end of the Delphinium and a nice collection of sticks for the Dahlia which are planted out when the Wallflower come out, this gives me chance to remove some of the ground elder we are plagued with. Perhaps I should make tea with it but have a vague recollection of trying this and finding it not to my palette.

Hanging baskets on the gateposts are already filling out nicely courtesy of Mike's constant watering.

Roses Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Jayne Austin both from David Austin roses probably 25 years since they were planted and every year they delight many of the people who pass by and can't resist leaning over the wall to smell their wonderful perfume.

Rose New Dawn growing to the left of the window and Clematis Vitichella Etoile Violette just starting to flower under the window it is now two weeks later and full of flower.

Clematis Madame Julia Correvon - I Googled to check on the spelling went to images Here for a bit of fun I added Joanne's Cottage garden to the Google search and came up with an interesting selection of photos from this blog here plus ones not from the blog too.
Isn't the internet fun as well as useful. 

Friday, 5 July 2013


These have been sitting in my camera since the beginning of June so I thought it was time I posted them. The remains of the winter pansies in the hanging baskets flowering more beautifully than they have all winter of course.

I have to post the Laburnum, as always it has been spectacular.

A few pots along the edge of the drive. The hostas were grown from seed from my Dad's garden.

Cornus Kousa Chinensis putting on a good display

It was worth re planting the Iris as they flowered well and joined with the Oriental Poppies in adding to the interest.

A collection of doorstep pots and plants. Sadly work on the house meant the Wisteria was pruned hard back and never recovered but a new Wisteria plant was added and is showing a bit of growth.

Clematis Elsa Spath growing up the corner of the house has been very luxuriant with flowers this year.

I can't have too much of the Laburnum especially as i miss the Wisteria so much the Aconites and Delphinium flowering. This Delphinium is nearly hidden in the laburnum tree. Next year I must remember to dig it up and see if it will split and re plant away from the tree.

Difficult to see but in the urn are some dwarf Snapdragons that flowered all winter and are still in flower as I write this, most definitely a plant to look out for. Unfortunately I haven't managed to get the seeds to germinate but will try again.

The trough is not doing so well this year - unfortunately we are having to keep a car on the drive but hopefully not for much longer - I hate cars in gardens looks so naff, not inverted snobbery just I like gardens for plants - the more the merrier in case you hadn't noticed.

Well that was a good start to my garden blogging for this year the hanging baskets on the gate posts have already got off to a good start pity about BT*. One day I will sort out some photo editing but all so much to do and available time diminishes as you get older.